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Why Waxing Should Be the Last Thing on Your Mind

sugaring Ladies, summer is right around the corner! Whether you’re planning a beach trip or want to look your best at the pool, I’m sure bikini waxing has crossed your mind. Do you love the smooth look that you get, but hate the pain and irritation? I know we do. You no longer have to debate whether to endure the pain of waxing on sensitive areas or deal with the aftermath of shaving — there is a far better solution.  It’s called sugaring.

Sugaring — The New Smooth

Unlike waxing, sugaring hair removal is far less painful and does not irritate the skin (goodbye ingrown hairs)! The sugar does not stick to your skin like wax does. Instead, it soaks into the root of the hair for an easier and less painful removal. Plus, this unique hair removal process is all natural! (In fact, the sugar used in sugaring is even edible!) Sugaring also isn’t hot to the touch like wax. It goes on at room temperature, so it won’t burn your skin. Take  full advantage of sugaring for bathing suit season- after all, who doesn’t want to look their best? Experience The New Smooth yourself! Contact LA Bikini for additional question or schedule your sugaring appointment online – and move away from waxing for good!

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