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Summer Beauty Tips: Finding the Best Hair Removal Method

waxing Summer is here and with that comes the endless pleasures of bikini season and times spent at the lake or on the beach. Not to mention the seemingly endless stream of weddings! Getting that killer look for the summer always includes flawless hair removal, which can be kind of frustrating when it seems to grow at expedited rates in the summer!  Fortunately, LA Bikini is here to give you a simple way to find the best hair removal process for the summer season – regardless of your plans. Typically, temporary hair removal falls into two categories: waxing and shaving. Today, there is a new – and better – way to remove unwanted hair! Bikini Hair Removal: Waxing Waxing has traditionally been the bikini-body hair removal method of choice. You can find waxing salons almost anywhere and it tends to be rather inexpensive.  Plus, it will remove hair, no questions about that. Unfortunately, waxing has its drawbacks. No one likes having hot wax pulling hairs out of your skin and causing unwanted pain. Plus, the irritation afterwards? No thank you! Waxing may work, but the experience is definitely not something anyone looks forward to, especially if you have sensitive skin like a lot of people. Bikini Hair Removal: Shaving Of course, you could always shave. Shaving is definitely inexpensive and something you can do from the privacy of your own home. These are both solid points. However, like waxing, shaving has its drawbacks. For example, irritation. Having those seemingly unending and really annoying shaving bumps is not fun at all and impedes with your ability to show off your beauty. Not to mention, you can cut yourself and we all know that a Band-Aid doesn’t go great with a swimsuit. Plus, shaving is the most temporary of all hair removal methods. It’ll grow back quickly – and you’ll just have to keep shaving. (Not to mention, the chances of missing hair is higher when you shave. You don’t want to miss spots, do you?) The New Smooth: L.A. Bikini’s Sugaring Hair Removal Fortunately, there’s another option – sugaring. Sugaring is like waxing, but much better! A completely natural paste is applied to your skin, then removed. But unlike wax, the sugar paste applied sticks to the hair, not the skin. That means it is far less painful to take off than wax. Plus, it goes on your skin at room temperature. The end result: You get your hair removed with less pain and discomfort and far less irritation afterwards. Less pain? Smooth, silky skin? Yes please! We obviously prefer sugaring, but we thinkyou’d prefer sugaring, too, once you try it. Give sugaring a try before you hit the beach or go out to the pool. There’s a good chance it’ll become your favorite hair removal method by far! Book your appointment today or call us if you have any questions. We look forward to having you visit L.A. Bikini where you can experience The New Smooth for yourself!

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