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Skin Care Before and After Your Hair Removal Appointment

Want to look your best? If you’re like many, hair removal is on your list of things to do to look as stunning as you feel.  birmingham However, to get the best results –and to make sure your beautiful skin is supple, smooth, and satisfying – you need to take care of your skin before and after your hair removal appointment. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure perfect, glowing skin that is silky smooth. Before Your Hair Removal Appointment When you come to have your sugaring hair removed, you need to prep yourself. For starters, avoid using a razor on your skin before your appointment. Razors can cause irritation and get in the way of your goal of creating healthy-looking skin that is smooth to the touch. You’ll also want to make sure you are hydrating and toning your skin regularly. Skin that is taken care of with lotions and oils responds better to the hair removal process – and feels a lot better, too! Finally, consider exfoliating your skin before and after you have your hair removed. This will give your skin that special look and feel and leave it feeling refreshed. After Your Hair Removal Appointment After you have your hair removed, what should you do to care for it? Immediately after your appointment, and for at least a few days, avoid being out in the sun too much. This includes tanning with sun lamps. Sugaring can cause your skin to sunburn more easily, so cover up if you go outside. Also avoid irritating your skin with chemical irritants, which include perfumed soaps. You want to use non-abrasive and gentle soaps and skin-care products for at least a day after your treatment. After a day has passed, you can go back to your usual skin-care regimen. If you notice small red spots, it’s okay – this is completely normal. Those red spots will disappear very quickly. But to help speed up your skin’s recovery and get the look and feel you desire, be sure to keep your skin hydrated and toned after your appointment, too. Consider our line of dedicated skin-care products that can help your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, supple, and beautiful.

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