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Stop Waxing! You Are Damaging Your Skin

If you absolutely hate shaving – and the irritating small bumps that often appear after shaving – then you are definitely not alone. Fortunately, there are alternatives to shaving that are more convenient while also providing amazing results. However, one of the most commonly selected forms of hair removal is waxing. Are you using hot wax to remove body hair? Or, have you considered turning to waxing? If so, it is time to reconsider and learn about a much better, healthier, and more effective method – sugaring.hair removal

The Disadvantages of Waxing in Birmingham AL 

When it comes to waxing, there are several disadvantages. First, waxing can damage your skin, specifically fine tissue cells. Second, most waxes are not natural and contain chemicals. Third, waxing is painful and less effective. When you choose waxing hair removal, you are opting for a method that involves putting hot wax onto your skin. The hot wax can not only burn and bruise your skin, but the heat also results in swelling of your tissues, which makes hair removal more difficult. Aside from the heat, pain, and irritation, waxing also removes hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. As a result, the process typically results in 15 – 35% hair breakage that is left behind. All of that pain and there is still hair there? Finally, waxing requires that your hair is at least ¼ inch long before removal. Fortunately, there is a better alternative that can lead to permanent hair removal.

Choose Sugaring in Birmingham for the Best Hair Removal

Fortunately, there is a much better solution to hair removal that has all of the benefits of waxing without the drawbacks! Unlike waxing, sugaring is applied at a lukewarm temperature – no more burns or scarring. Plus, hair is removed in the natural direction of growth. This removal process not only significantly reduces the pain and irritation, but also helps the hair to remain intact throughout the removal process (less breakage? Sign me up!). Furthermore, the sugaring paste is 100% natural (even edible). Goodbye chemicals, hello beautiful, smooth skin! Finally, sugaring can remove hair that is only 1/16 of an inch long! That’s right, no more waiting weeks after shaving to remove the unwanted hair. As a result of the ability to remove really short hair, permanent hair removal in an all-natural way is no longer a thing of the past. So why are you paying someone for waxing in Birmingham AL? If so, it’s time to stop. There is a much better option that is better for your skin and is far more effective and less painful! Check out our FAQ page to learn more about sugaring hair removal. Book your appointment today at L.A. Bikini – The New Smooth – to get the beautiful, smooth skin you deserve!

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