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Why Sugaring is Better than Waxing | Birmingham, Alabama

sugaring in birmingham Looking for an alternative – and better – solution to waxing? Then look no further! Now, there is a better way to remove hair that is far less painful than waxing and is simply better. What is this amazing new hair removal solution? It’s called sugaring. L.A. Bikini is Birmingham’s only exclusive provider of sugaring. We believe so strongly that our all-natural sugar paste is so much better than waxing that we simply do not even offer waxing in our shops anymore. Benefits of Sugaring Over Waxing There are incredible benefits to sugaring over waxing and below are a few of the most popular ones:
  • Less painful than waxing
  • More effective than waxing
  • Eliminates and prevent ingrown hair
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Removes hair in the natural direction of hair growth
Plus, sugaring offers a completely natural – even edible – solution to removing unwanted hair. Sugaring Can Lead to Permanency In fact, we even have a hair removal plan called our Savvy Girl membership. The goal? Permanency! That’s right – a permanent hair removal option that does not involve invasive treatments or laser hair removal. This six-month membership provides the quickest and most effective way of permanently reducing hair growth. Check out our Savvy Girl membership page to learn more about this amazing opportunity. Book Your Appointment Today L.A. Bikini has two sugaring locations in the Birmingham area (more coming soon!). One is in Patton Creek and the other is in Mountain Brook. You can click here to Book Online or you can call us to schedule an appointment.

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