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Why Are You Still Waxing? | Birmingham Sugaring

For those of you who have already visited LA Bikini, you already know there’s a huge difference between waxing and sugaring. Still, most people tend to put them in the same category because they are somewhat similar in that they both remove hair from the root. However, waxing and sugaring are very different when it comes to an important aspect: pain!

Sugaring vs Waxing Hair Removal

Hair removal is usually achieved by three different methods: hard wax, soft wax, and now sugaring. There has been a long-running debate over which is better. We’re here to clear up any confusion, showing you why sugaring is better than waxing hair removal.

waxing in birminghamSoft Wax and Hard Wax

Hard wax and soft wax have different properties that make them ideal for different parts of the body. Soft wax is the warm, thin wax that gets covered by a muslin strip that is then pulled away quickly by an aesthetician. Hard wax is the warm, thick wax that that goes on without a muslin strip, is allowed to cool, and then pulled off. What most people neglect to factor into this process is the pain! Both hard and soft waxes adhere to live skin in addition to the hair. The result? When you rip away the wax you’re also ripping at the skin. Ouch!

Sugaring Hair Removal – The Best Option

Sugaring is pretty similar to traditional waxing except that the ingredients are better for your skin and there is less pain. Waxes are made primarily of resins and contain artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives. On the other hand, sugaring is made up of all natural food-grade ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, water and sometimes essential oils. Because of its composition, the sugaring paste is water-soluble, meaning you can wash it off with water. This isn’t the same story for wax, which needs to be removed with a special wax remover or baby oil. Furthermore, our sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells (unlike waxing hair removal). Therefore, the entire hair removal process is much less painful when you choose sugar over wax. Given these facts, it’s easy to see that sugaring is the best option for you. Don’t bother with painful waxing ever again! Instead, choose sugaring hair removal! Learn more about sugaring hair removal on our FAQ page or book an appointment today!

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