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Mary’s Story: My Worst Waxing Fiasco

Waxing BirminghamEveryone has a horror story when it comes to waxing. Today, I am sharing mine to both entertain and encourage those who haven’t yet tried sugaring to give it a shot! One night a few months ago, I ran to the pharmacy and picked up a waxing kit – the kind in the little tub that you heat up in the microwave – and settled in for a waxing extravaganza. The first sign that I should have quit occurred when I accidentally super-heated the wax – this stuff was bubbling. I had to wait a good while for it to cool before I gave it another shot. When, at last, it had achieved the right temperature and consistency, I made the first application to my armpit. I then promptly dropped the muslin strip and, as I bent down to retrieve it, absent-mindedly dropped my raised arm. Great, right? Not so much! The wax cooled almost immediately! Oh great, I thought, I had just effectively glued myself together! Crap! What do I do now? No amount of tugging would allow me to separate myself. Of course, amidst my complete embarrassment, my roommate thought it was absolutely hilarious. I literally had to lie on my bathroom floor as she alternated soaking me in baby oil and prying my skin apart. Yes, it was as horrific as it sounds. Surely, this ridiculous stories ends here? Not so fast – of course, there is more! Finally freed from my wax shackles, I decided to forgo the armpits and work on a Brazilian instead. Really, I should have just stopped, but apparently I enjoy torturing myself. Here goes nothing. I glommed on a wad of wax – much more than I probably should have – and applied the strip. Thankfully it came off with just a regular amount of pain! I reached forward to grab the jar to prepare another strip when I made the mistake of accidentally leaning against my bathroom counter. Before I knew it, the excess wax from my overeager application had cooled against the cabinet. It’s a strange feeling, gluing your privates to a wooden surface. I stood there silently to assess my pitiful situation: I was (essentially) naked, with very delicate parts of me adhered to a counter, with no way to free myself gently (the roommate had taken the baby oil with her). … Yep. There was no way I was calling my roommate back in for assistance with my entire self-exposed and glued to our bathroom counter. Details aside – I freed myself but, as you can imagine, was left with an uneven landscape down there by the time it was all over. That was the last time I waxed – period. Since then, I have never trusted myself with one of those at-home kits again and have made a promise to myself that I will not take a step near the unnecessary pain and experience of waxing (at home or at a salon) ever again. Instead, I let the professionals at L.A. Bikini handle it and I am now a die-hard sugaring fan. It is simply so much better than waxing (all the way around). Less painful, more effective, and professionals to do it for me at a very reasonable cost? I signed up!

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