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Brazilian Waxing in Birmingham? Sugar is Better!

sugaring hair removal Tired of taking frequent trips to keep your Brazilian wax in tip-top shape?  Tired of the pain of waxing? We have great news: It doesn’t have to be so hard! Get your Brazilian style hair removal at L.A. Bikini in Birmingham!  We can achieve any look you want in a much more natural and less painful way…with sugar!

What is a Brazilian Wax?

If you haven’t already been subject to the pain of waxing your nether regions, you have at least heard of the term Brazilian wax. Brazilian women were the first to show off thong bikinis, thus, a Brazilian wax removes all the unwanted hair necessary to wear a thong.  At L.A. Bikini, we use sugar instead of wax, and we call a ‘Brazilian’ an ‘L.A. Bikini’. The L.A.Bikini removes all the hair from the front and back of your private areas, but a small strip can be kept if desired. If that is too much, you can try our Basic Bikini style that involves removing only the hair outside of your bikini line. Or try out our Partial L.A. Bikini that removes hair about an inch in past the bikini line. Whatever your preference, we have sugaring specialists to help you out and it is way better than traditional Brazilian waxing in Birmingham!

Why Get an L.A. Bikini – Sugaring

The Brazilian wax style is extremely popular, but comes at quite a cost. Sugaring is by far the safer, all-natural, and less painful option. L.A. Bikinis are achieved with a 100% all-natural sugar paste.  All waxes contain resins.  On top of resins, wax can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross! Bacteria can’t even survive in sugar! Additionally, our sugar paste is barely lukewarm while wax has to be applied while hot, risking burns and bruises. Finally, Brazilian waxing pulls against the grain of your hair, which can cause rashes and/or ingrown hairs. Who wants an ingrown hair down there? Nobody! With sugar, hair is removed by pulling in the natural direction of the hair follicle, guaranteeing a smoother and less painful finish. The difference between waxing and sugaring is undeniable – sugaring is simply better, less painful, more effective, safer, and completely natural!

L.A. Bikini – Hoover and Mountain Brook

Are you excited to get your Brazilian look the safest and least painful way possible? L.A. Bikini has you covered! We have two Birmingham locations you can choose from: Mountain Brook and Hoover. Ditch your old Birmingham Brazilian waxing ways – book an appointment for an L.A. Bikini today!

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