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The Best Spray Tanning in Birmingham, Alabama (and the Safest)

tanning Fashion and beauty fads change from season to season at an exhausting speed. It is nearly impossible to keep your hair, makeup and clothes on trend at all times! Being tan is one of the most reliable beauty fads around and it’s simply never going to go out of style! Fortunately, there is a way to achieve beautifully bronzed skin without the health risks associated with tanning beds and dangerous UV rays. L.A. Bikini’s spray tanning in Birmingham is the safest way to get the sun kissed skin you want, all year long. Learn more about spray tanning below.

Why a Spray Tan?

So, you want to be tan? Most people do. It’s one of the easiest ways to instantly feel better about that reflection you see in the mirror. Tans are said to make people look younger, thinner, and more toned – what woman doesn’t want that? The sun kissed look is hot, despite the number of health risks associated with basking in the sun or spending hours in tanning beds each month. Stop putting yourself at a higher risk of skin cancer today! There is a much better way – spray tanning. Spray tanning helps you achieve the smooth, bronze look everyone wants in a faster and safer way. Research shows that tanning bed users are 74% more likely to develop melanoma. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation states that around 73,870 new cases of melanoma will appear in 2015 alone and of that number, approximately 9,940 people will die. Skin cancer is the most prevalent, yet preventable, type of cancer there is! Choosing to spray tan means no longer having to sacrifice your life for beauty and, let’s face it, health is a beautiful thing.

Spray Tanning Tips to Improve Your Results

Now that we’ve convinced you that spray tanning is the smartest way to tan, we have some advice on preparing for and maintaining the tan you have always wanted. Prior to your spray tanning appointment you’ll want to make sure you’ve removed all your unwanted hair and exfoliated. At L.A. Bikini, we have trained experts and top products for sugaring hair removal and great products for exfoliation but, if you want to do it yourself, we have some great tips:
  • Exfoliate thoroughly at least 8 hours before your appointment
  • Shave unwanted hair 6 hours prior or wax 1-2 days in advanced
  • Remove all makeup
  • Dress in loose fitted clothing
Maintenance is just as important for the best spray tan results! You’ll want to wait 8-12 hours before you take your first shower after your spray tanning appointment. Also, do not exercise or moisturize before you shower and do not exfoliate for at least 48 hours.  After your first shower, it is important to moisturize daily to prolong the life of the spray tan. These tips will help you get a flawless spray tanning experience and the beautiful, bronze skin you love!

Need Spray Tanning in Birmingham? Turn to L.A. Bikini

L.A. Bikini has two locations in Birmingham, Alabama. We are conveniently located in Cahaba Valley in Mountain Brook and in the Patton Creek Shopping Center in Hoover. Summer is right around the corner so plan your spray tan appointment with us today and avoid being the palest person at the pool.  Let us help you keep you feeling beautiful and healthy! What are you waiting for? Book online today!

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