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This 4th of July Declare Your Independence from Waxing and Self Tanner

sugaring As the 4th of July approaches, many people are making plans to celebrate at the lake or the beach. There will be pool parties and cook-outs galore! In the spirit of Independence Day, L.A. Bikini wants to invite you to declare your own independence this year. It is time to break free from the tyranny of bikini waxing and self tanner. You deserve better and we are here to offer you the joys of sugaring and spray tanning – much better solutions than your current waxing and self tanner regime.

Why Choose Sugaring?

At L.A. Bikini we provide sugaring services for all of your hair removal needs! Sugaring is a much better alternative to bikini waxing in Birmingham because we use an all-natural paste and the method we use is not only less painful but also more effective! Unlike wax that has to be heated before it is applied, the paste used in sugaring goes on at room temperature. You never have to worry that the paste will be too hot or that you will get burned. In sugaring, the paste sticks only to the hair. In waxing, the wax sticks to both the hair and the skin. This is why sugaring is a much less painful process than waxing. Also, because the paste doesn’t stick to the skin, there is much less irritation caused by sugaring hair removal. Waxing can be rough on the skin, causing redness and swelling (ouch!). Once you have silky smooth skin from your sugaring service, it’s the perfect time to opt for a spray tan to complete your look before you head to the beach or lake. An L.A. Bikini spray tanning is the perfect way to get that healthy, bronze glow for your 4th of July festivities.

Why Choose Spray Tanning?

If you have ever struggled to apply self tanner, you know how difficult it can be to get everything just right. You exfoliate, apply evenly, wash your hands, and walk around naked for an hour just to come out of the experience looking like Morris the cat. You are pretty orange, but also with some white stripes here and there. Sometimes your knees and elbows end up looking like you have been playing in the dirt. It’s a lot of work for a usually disappointing result! With spray tanning, you have organic tanning solution expertly applied by a professional with an airbrush gun. No streaks and no orange skin! You can actually choose the level of tan you want from a light, sun-kissed look to a deep bronze appearance. Let the pros do the work while you reap the benefits.

Book Online Today and Be Ready for the 4th of July

If you are ready to declare your independence from self tanners and waxing in Birmingham, book online with L.A. Bikini today. We have locations in Hoover and Mountain Brook to serve you.

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