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The Best Bikini for Your Body Type

Waxing in Birmingham AL Do you spend hours swimming through swimsuit aisles and still leave empty-handed? Not today! L.A. Bikini is here to help you find the best bikini for your body so you can pair that beautiful body with a suit that turns heads.

Smaller Chest vs. Bigger Chest

If you have a smaller chest you do not need as much support as those with a bigger chest. So don’t worry! You’ve got so many options. Tops with ruffles, embroidery, fringe, or bows can give the illusion of a bigger chest while also a little fun to your swimsuit. For added oomph, you can try a suit with a little padding. If you’re looking to enhance your curves, try a triangle top or halter top. And remember! You’re lucky because you don’t need the support, you can totally rock bandeau and strapless tops as well. For those with a little more bust, support is important! Suits with underwire are the way to go. Unlike those with a smaller chest, if you are trying to hide the girls, opt for a suit with a tame pattern and less embellishment like fringe or ruffles. Though you may want to avoid padding, any suit with built-in cups will help provide you with the support you need. On to the hips!

Smaller Booty vs. Bigger Booty

If you are trying to accentuate your backside in your new bikini, look for something with ruching or lace, as we suggested with bikini tops. Bold prints and bright colors will also help enhance your booty, giving you a fuller look. String bikinis and low-rise bottoms work in your favor. Take advantage! If you’ve got more to work with back there, you want to make sure to avoid skimpy string bottoms. We don’t want any wedgies at the beach. You also do not want to end up losing your drawers in the pool! If you’re trying to fend off unwanted attention, like with tops, look for neutrals, solid prints, or muted colors that do not bring attention to your rear. If you want to flaunt your booty proudly, try a high-waisted bottom in a bold color. This will give you a little drama while still providing you with appropriate support and coverage.

Maternity Monokini

Got a little one on the way? No worries. You can still strutt your stuff in the sand. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but remember that just because you are pregnant does not mean you cannot feel beautiful and confident! Perhaps try a cute monokini or one-piece if a two piece makes you nervous. If you’re looking for more style and functionality, try a tankini! Tankinis are two-piece suits that will help cover your baby bump and still provide you the comfort of a two piece (especially when using the restroom). Remember, no matter what shape or size you may be, you have the right to feel beautiful. Start with smooth, tan skin. At L.A. Bikini, we are dedicated to helping you become the most beautiful you you can be this summer. Learn more about L.A. Bikini today. From sugaring services to spray tans, we have got what it takes to get you out on that beach looking flawless in no time. Learn more and book online!

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