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Spray Tan Tips for the Perfect Experience

Spray Tanning Birmingham, Dallas, and Mobile Getting a spray tan is all about enhancing what you already hav – bringing out your natural beauty. Give your beautiful skin a healthy glow all year long – long after summer ends. Follow these key spray tan tips below to ensure you get the perfect spray tan each and every time!

Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right shade can be difficult. It all depends on your skin tone and what skin tone you are looking to achieve.  If you have fairer skin – in other words if you burn instead of tan – it is best to stick with a pretty light shade for your spray tan to give you a natural look. Many articles with spray tan tips may suggest picking a shade three to four shades darker than your skin tone in order to get the most for your money. However, in order to maintain a natural look, you want to think of your spray tan as a glow. A healthy glow is only a bit darker, a couple of shades than the beautiful skin you’re already in. So, if you have slightly darker than fair skin, like a light tan, two shades darker is ideal. You’ll get a perfect sun-kissed look like you’ve just spent the weekend relaxing on a boat in the middle of the Pacific. If you are looking for a slightly olive tan, like Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian, think about going a bit darker to enhance the color  you already have with an olive or caramel shade. Need help choosing the right color? L.A. Bikini can consult with you to help you get the perfect tan for any season!

Prepare Your Skin

Most spray tans take 15-20 minutes. Many spray tan salons involve a small booth with misting nozzles. At salons like L.A. Bikini, your experience is more personal. An experienced technician will provide a custom spray tan helping to ensure your tan is evenly applied and that you do not come out looking orange. For a smooth, even tan, prepare before your visit. Shave, wax, or opt for the least painful, most organic option of hair removal: sugaring! Get healthy skin. Exfoliate, but don’t put on too much lotion or oil. You don’t want anything to be between your skin and the spray tan or it may not stick smoothly.

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