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3 Answers to Your Questions About Hair Removal

sugaring vs waxingWe all have questions about hair removal from time to time, especially sugaring hair removal. But sometimes, we’re afraid to ask for fear of looking lost. Never fear! Here are three questions that people commonly ask and our answers to them.

#1: How should I prepare my skin and hair?

Make sure to retain all moisture. You do not want your skin to be dry before hair removal of any kind for fear of irritation. So do not over exfoliate, but also do not apply any moisturizer. You don’t want to throw off your skin’s natural pH. You also want to make sure that your hair is long enough. If it is too short before removal, ingrown hairs and itchiness is almost inevitable. About a quarter of an inch is long enough.

#2: What is the safest method of hair removal?

Shaving is the most common form of hair removal. Shaving causes hair to grow back quickly which means you have to shave again every day or every other day to maintain smooth healthy skin. It can also lead to ingrown hairs and irritated skin. Shaving also means purchasing razors and creams often, which can get expensive. Laser hair removal is extremely expensive, not usually very effective, and not always the best option for sensitive skin. Hot wax is simply a mistake. Don’t go through that pain if you don’t have to. Instead, opt for a safer, more pain free option: sugaring hair removal. Sugar is organic, smooth, and cool leaving your skin smooth and not itchy! For a more in-depth analysis, check out L.A. Bikini’s guide to safe hair removal.

#3: Is it okay if I get a spray tan after my hair removal service?

Yes! Make sure you do it in that order though. You never want to get a spray tan before you remove your hair. First of all, you can make the pH of your skin abnormal or cover the hairs, leaving your skin open to irritability. At salons like L.A. Bikini, an experienced professional performs your service, giving you a custom spray tan. Ask them all of your questions before you get started to ensure that your skin is not allergic to anything, and that you have waited the appropriate amount of time for your skin to heal before getting a custom spray tan.

Get Tan and Smooth Skin Today

Take the best care of your skin. At L.A. Bikini, sugaring treatments are an organic method of hair removal sure to leave your skin smooth and hair-free. L.A. Bikini also offers custom spray tans performed by experienced professionals. Find your perfect shade, and get your skin to really glow. Contact L.A. Bikini today!

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