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Fall Fashion: Layers and Accessories Galore

custom airbrush spray tan As you prepare for colder weather, the simplest way to start is by making sure you invest in quality fall/winter essentials. You can then layer these pieces to create multiple outfits. Your style is the best style, so wear what keeps you warm and makes you feel comfortable. To help you with the right ensemble, here are some ideas.

Begin with Basics

Start with a fitted, lightweight long sleeve shirt. This can be a turtleneck, a v-neck, or a simple crew neck top. This innermost, lightest layer will help to keep you warm and yet not hot or sweaty. Pick a material that suits your skin. Cotton is generally the lightest and most comfortable, but if you find that you prefer a moisture-wicking material most usually found in athletic gear, go with that!

Stay on Top of Things

Your next step is to layer items on top of that shirt. For a stylish and comfortable piece, try a blanket sweater or oversized cardigan. You can pair those with long necklaces, jeans to keep those flawlessly smooth legs warm, and fall boots for an effortlessly fashionable fall look. Another option is vests. Fleece, patterned, solid, and quilted vests can give your look more texture and color as well as keep you warm where you need it most. Paired with a skirt, tights, and heels or corduroy pants and booties, this look can be both chic and casual.

Always Accessorize

The best way to make any simple outfit have a little more pizazz is to throw on some accessories. For comfort and warmth, pick a cute scarf. For warmer days, dress up your neckline with a necklace or long earrings. A simple matching belt and shoes combination is a guaranteed success. Bracelets and other jewelry can give your outfit a little shine, and a cute hair piece or hat can accentuate your quirky style.

Got the Outfit? Get the Tan!

Pair the perfect outfit with a custom spray tan. With a specialist dedicated to providing you with the perfect experience, you’re sure to leaving looking and feeling more beautiful. Book online at L.A. Bikini today. We now have locations in Mountain Brook, Hoover, and Mobile, Alabama as well as Plano, TX.

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