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3 Tips to Healthy Skin During the Winter

dry skin in the winter With the winter season comes chapped lips and dry skin. Fun, right? For some of us, severe dry skin can result in flaking and cracking. Here are some tips from L.A. Bikini for keeping your skin healthy this season and avoiding inflammation and irritation.

#1: Moisturize

This tip may seem obvious, but it is certainly essential to mention. As the weather changes, it is important to update your skincare regimen. Look for moisturizers that are not water-based. Something with more protection, like oil-based moisturizers, will give you a layer to protect your from harsh weather. You can even find tinted moisturizers that will help you maintain your custom spray tan. It is important when selecting your moisturizer to be careful of what is in it. Not all oil-based moisturizers are right for your skin. Be careful to talk to your dermatologist first. You do not to want to put anything on your face that may result in an allergic reaction. You also do not want to clog your pores with too much oil. Look for moisturizers that are specifically labeled as non-clogging with bases like almond oil and and mineral oil.

#2: Hydrate

Hydrating your skin with moisturizer is only the first step. Start from the inside out. The better your nutrition, the healthier your skin. That is why it is important that you eat the right things and drink lots of water. Dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to cracking and flaking. Drinking water is good for you and for your skin. So, if you are not used to drinking more than one or two glasses a day, try slowly increasing your intake.

#3: Avoid the Sun

Winter may mean less sunshine, but it is still important to be careful. Just because it is starting to get darker outside does not mean that UV rays can’t reach you. They can, and they do. Stay warm. Wear layers. Make sure you are still applying sunscreen daily. Check your sunscreen for an SPF that will protect your skin. Reapply after the recommended number of hours. Overall, avoid the sun just like you would in the warmer months. You can achieve a perfect glowing tan without basking out in the cold.  At your local L.A. Bikini, professional personal spray tanning specialists can help you find your custom spray tan shade and get an even, natural tan. Book your appointment today!

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