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Hair Removal Myths Busted

painless body hair removal There are lots of myths out there about hair removal. Don’t worry! We got our experts on the case to uncover the truth. See what’s true and what’s not about hair removal with L.A. Bikini.

Hair Removal Will Bring Your Hair Back Thicker & Darker

MYTH. Shaving, waxing, and sugaring do not affect the pigment nor the thickness of your hair. It’s scientifically impossible. Just think about it! How can removing hair suddenly affect its composition? This may sound like good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it. Will your leg hair grow back thick, full, and dark? Thankfully, no. However, neither will your sparse eyebrows. For better or worse, you’re stuck with the hair you’ve got.

Shaving Exfoliates the Skin

MYTH. Shaving can actually irritate the skin, leaving you with red bumps and ingrown hairs. Alternatively, sugaring can help your skin. Unlike hot wax, all-natural sugaring paste goes on cool and lubricates the hairs and the skin. At L.A. Bikini, we suggest pairing any sugaring treatment with our Full Circle Skin Conditioning Program. The Full Circle program feels great on your skin, and you will be amazed by the results. Exfoliate, detoxify, and soften your skin with four easy steps, starting with sugaring.

Hair Removal is Painful

MYTH. Getting smooth, flawless skin does not have to hurt. Shaving typically is pretty safe. However, you can nick your skin or irritate dry skin, which can then bleed. We won’t sugarcoat it — waxing hurts! Thankfully, there is another way. Sugaring is the natural, painless body hair removal method that’s less painful and irritating to your skin. As an added benefit, the more often you sugar, the more you will see a reduction in hair growth over time.

L.A. Bikini Has Got You Covered

FACT. L.A. Bikini specializes in spray tanning, painless body hair removal for both men and women, and skin care. We are here to help you take care of your skin in a harmless, organic, simple way. Learn more from our passionate professionals. Contact L.A. Bikini today!

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