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Ingrown Hairs Are So Out!

sugaring hair removal We’ve all had them — ingrown hairs. They’re itchy and irritating. They are not attractive. So, how can you prevent and get rid of ingrown hairs? Check out these tips from the experts at L.A. Bikini.

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs occur when dead skin cells clog up in the mouth of the hair follicle underneath the skin. For this reason they create little bumps and are prone to infection. Often, ingrown hairs occur because the hairs have curled around and grown back into your skin rather than out of it.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

There are several causes of ingrown hairs. Often, cutting or shaving hair too closely to the skin can cause ingrown hairs. If you hair is curly, it may have the tendency to re-enter the skin after it has been cut.

How Do You Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs?

There are multiple ways to get rid of ingrown hairs. Most of them are painful and involve sharp tools like tweezers and blades. Instead of attacking your skin with a razor or pick, try an exfoliating scrub and prevention techniques like natural hair removal.

How Do You Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Sugaring hair removal can lead to permanent hair reduction, as well as remove ingrown hairs by lifting up the dead cells and dirt. This helps clear up the mouth of the follicle which helps your hair grow normally. Sugaring treatments every two to three weeks are the right way to get started! Extend your “hair-free” period as well as weaken your hair follicles. In no time, you’ll see fewer hairs all together, ingrowns included! Don’t believe hair removal myths! Shaving will not revitalize your skin. Rather, try the perfect combination of sugaring and exfoliation. Regular exfoliation will keep dead skin from clogging up your pores and follicles. The best way to keep hydrated is to apply water-based moisturizer every day, and drink enough water! Have you heard of the L.A. Bikini Full Circle Skin Conditioning System? Our set of four products work to keep your skin looking and feeling its best through the right cycle of exfoliation, hydration, and hair removal.

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