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Forget Holiday Treats, Be Sugar Sweet!

L.A. Bikini Sugaring Studio   Isn’t smooth skin amazing? All summer, we ladies rock the shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. We wear smooth skin like it’s our crowning glory….until fall comes. Ugh! The hair starts growing back, and we’re stuck with an organic sweater that would put a Yeti to shame. The good news is that with L.A. Bikini’s sugar hair removal, you can shed the Yeti hair with some sugary care. Our sugaring studio will give you smooth skin that will boost your go-to look and your confidence.

The Sweet Truth

Imagine you’re getting ready for a holiday party. Your makeup is flawless, your hair is exceptional, and your ensemble is Beyoncé-worthy. Everything’s perfect…except your skin. Instead of coming to L.A. Bikini for our hair removal service, you decided a razor was sufficient. Pity, your skin is now covered in red bumps and loose hairs. Your runway readiness has turned into a blemished bust. Don’t ruin your flawless look with unhealthy, uneven skin. L.A. Bikini’s sugar paste removes hair naturally and painlessly – a promise that makes our sugar better than wax. Our sugar paste gently exfoliates dead skin cells, which leaves your skin silky smooth without the irritation that is usually associated with waxing. L.A. Bikini sugaring can even reduce hair growth, treat skin problems, and improve skin tone and texture. L.A. Bikini’s sugar hair removal service will promote healthy, smooth skin that matches every occasion. Besides, between us, the best results come with continued service. Do yourself a favor and keep sugaring–healthy, smooth skin shouldn’t just be a seasonal thing! Ditch the wax and the razor, and say hello to the sweetest smooth. You can stay sugary sweet from your head to your toes with our sugaring hair removal services. Contact the studio closest to you and book your appointment asap!

The Sugar Masters

At L.A. Bikini, our sugar experts use a sugar paste that is 100% chemical free–it’s so natural, it’s edible! We know all about sugar hair removal, and we’re ready to use our talents to make your skin feel fabulous. Maybe you and your boy decided to ditch the brisk and book a cruise for the holiday. Don’t worry, we have you covered. The traditional brazilian uses wax to remove hair. At L.A. Bikini, we provide the same service, but we call the Brazilian a “LA Bikini”. Instead of wax, we use our awesome sugaring paste – a less painful process with better results. Not comfortable with bikini hair removal? No problem! We provide full- and half-service sugaring that will remove hair anywhere you want–you select, we sugar. Whatever your preference, L.A. Bikini will make your skin look vacation-ready, all year long! To complement your smooth skin, maybe you want to enhance your natural glow. Beautiful bronze isn’t just for summer. L.A. Bikini offers custom spray tans that rival any tanning salon in town! Our spray tans help to give your skin a warmth that rivals the November chill. Tanning and sugaring? Yes, please!

Love Sugaring?

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