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Stay Smooth All Year Long With An L.A. Bikini or Savvy Girl Membership

Smooth Skin For Every Season

Did you know that using sugar paste for hair removal can eliminate and prevent ingrown hair, treat skin problems, and improve your overall skin tone and texture? Or that our sugar paste is completely natural, water-soluble, and free of toxins, chemicals, and resins? Body sugaring is becoming the top choice for hair removal for many, letting you achieve beautiful, glowing skin without any of the pain of waxing! Sugaring benefits don’t just end there – regular sugaring can help you maintain smooth skin all year long! Using sugar for hair removal allows us to remove your hair fully and intact, as opposed to waxing, which breaks off the hair and can cause those itchy, unflattering ingrown hairs. Frequent sugaring weakens the hair follicle and can permanently reduce hair growth to keep you feeling silky and sleek even as the weather grows colder!

Looking to Permanently Reduce Your Hair Growth? We Can Help!

Join us in our journey to make hair removal hassle-free! For only $70 a month, our Savvy Girl members receive unlimited LA Bikinis for six months. Once you’ve spent six magical months with us, you no longer need a membership! Instead, you’ll become a lifetime member and can pay as-needed for your LA Bikinis at special lifetime member prices. You’ll be feeling fine and fab for life! Not ready to be a Savvy Girl just yet? Try our L.A. Bikini membership! For just $43 a month, you’ll get one L.A. Bikini sugar treatment per month, along with special discounts on our other services.  And don’t worry – once you fall in love with our sugaring hair removal process, you can still upgrade to the full-service Savvy Girl membership. What better way to kick off the fall than by revolutionizing your hair removal routine?  Get in touch with your local sugaring studio today to book your sugar sesh!

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