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Mark Your Calendar: Druid City Music Festival 2019, Tuscaloosa

If you’re looking for exciting events in and around west Alabama this year, we’ve found one that you really can’t miss. Held for the first time this year in Tuscaloosa, the Druid City Music Festival takes place on the 23rd and 24th of August, 2019, and promises a line up of top artists in a variety of wonderful venues across the city. Mark this down on your calendar as an event that you will certainly look forward to each year, and one that should help put Tuscaloosa on the musical map! Easy to get to and with food, drink and fun to be had over the weekend, this is one music festival that all the family will enjoy.    

Why Druid City?

This is a question that visitors are always going to ask, so why not tell the story? Why is Tuscaloosa known as ‘Druid City’? The story is very simple, and begins in 1819 when this charming Alabama location was inaugurated as a town. Then named Tuskaloosa – note the ‘k’ – after the leader of a local tribe, it changed spelling in the early part of the 20th century, and nobody really knows why. The Druid City tag comes from the fact that the city features many Water Oak trees in its downtown area and has done so since the 1840’s. Druids were a Celtic people in ancient times known to worship nature, especially oaks, so the name stuck! The trees and the general ambience make Tuscaloosa the perfect place for a music festival!

What Will I See?

The headliner on Saturday, when the shows will take place at Government Plaza, is star rapper Big Boi. Having made his name as one half of Outkast, which featured Andre 3000, Big Boi has gone on to have several solo hits, and has also produced albums for a variety of name artists. Popular rock band Blackberry Smoke are also high on the bill on Saturday, and their brand of hard rock and Southern Blues should go down very well at Tuscaloosa. Also appearing on Saturday are Turkuaz, a band at the front of the ‘New Funk’ movement who are sure to get the crowd moving, plus innovative electronic duo Break Science, and many more. Friday sees bands and artists play in a variety of venues across the city so it is worth checking out those that are participating, but suffice to say this promises to be a superbly exciting, invigorating and enjoyable music festival with a wide variety of musical styles being showcased.

Enjoy Tuscaloosa

While attending the Druid City Music Festival, don’t miss out on the chances to enjoy the delightful city of Tuscaloosa. Once the capital of Alabama, this friendly, welcoming and historically important city has charming old-school architecture combined with a modern feel. Tuscaloosa is regarded as a place with many fine restaurants, bars and interesting places to see. Book your tickets for the festival now, and enjoy the opportunity to see and hear excellent live acts.   This post was brought to you by the L.A. Bikini Tuscaloosa location. Before you attend the Druid City Music Festival, why not stop by our sugaring studio so we can help you look your best this summer. Click the image below to learn more about Sugaring.

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