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Running in the Porters Half Marathon in Draper City Park This Year? Don’t Forget to Sugar First!

Running a half-marathon takes a lot of preparation, but it is also an achievement that will give you great pride and satisfaction when completed. The clock may be timing you but for most competitors in these fun events, the thrill is in completing the course. There are many half-marathons run in various cities across the USA – and indeed the world – but one of the most popular in our area is the Porter’s Half Marathon. porters half marathon at the historic draper city park Taking place annually in Draper Park, the Porter’s Half Marathon attracts a healthy entry across all levels of experience each year, and is also well-attended  by spectators. The 2019 event takes place on August 17th, and you still have time to get an entry in if you’re quick.

What’s Sugaring Got to Do With a Half-Marathon?

It’s a good question, but bear with us and you might get the idea! First, what is sugaring? Sugaring – or sugar waxing – is fast becoming the most popular method for removing body hair. It’s not new though. Sugar waxing has been around since 1900BC, so it’s a proven method! What makes it special? Sugaring uses a paste that is applied to the area where the unwanted hair is. The paste, when ready, is removed and the hair comes with it. Unlike waxing, none of your living skin cells will come off – just the hair and dead skin cells – so you will hopefully feel less pain while benefiting from exfoliation. That’s sugaring in a nutshell, but again, what has that got to do with the Porter’s Half Marathon? Many runners – both men and women – shave their legs and perhaps arms before they set out on a run. We looked into whether this gave them a competitive advantage. It would appear that it may do so, but perhaps only psychologically! Many men, when asked why the shave their legs before a race, said that it was more comfortable. Others said gravel wounds heal quicker without hair – this is actually true – and bandages and compression  garments are easier to get on and off. Others were honest enough to admit they simply wanted to show off their legs, and attract a potential partner! Whatever your reasons, we are suggesting sugaring as the best, quickest and least painful method of removing that hair that you don’t want on display for the half marathon. So, check out local sugaring salons and they’ll be happy to help.

The Fun of the Run

Apart from all the above, do remember that a half-marathon – while not a simple event – is meant to be fun. You don’t have to be an expert or even experienced runner to attempt the distance if you train correctly. Just find someone who can help you put a good training regime into place and stick with it. Of course, if you’re just thinking about this now you’re too late for the Porter’s Half Marathon in Draper Park, but for those who are running, good luck, and have fun! This post was brought to you by the L.A. Bikini Sugaring Studio in Draper, Utah. Click the image below to find out why L.A. Bikini is The New Smooth.

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