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Draper – Aerobatics Circus Festival – August 30th and 31st, 2019


If you are looking for something new and exciting for the kids to do, we reckon we’ve found the ideal event for you! The Aerobatics Circus Festival, held at Draper on the 30th and 31st of August, 2019, is a two day festival of friendly competitions and workshops, and a chance for young people to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun at the same time. What’s it all about? Let’s have a look in more detail.

Novice Category

The Aerobatics Circus Centre – you’ll find it at 14015 S Minuteman Drive, Draper – is a dedicated facility that caters for novices and experienced aerialists – that’s the term given to the circus act they train – and is unique in the region. Here, you can start by taking part in the workshops for novices, and learn from experienced aerialists the basics.

For newcomers, this is an exciting and very original skill to be learning, and the chance to take part in informative instruction workshops, across the two days, is something that you cannot miss.

The competition aspect of the festival takes place on Saturday, and the newcomers categories are especially designed for complete novices, and are intended to be fun rather than taken too seriously, so don’t be afraid to join in – remember, you’re competing with other novices!

The criteria are as follows:

  • For beginners aged 6 to 18 years
  • No catch and release tricks, no more than one rotation for silks drops – in other words, just the very basics!
  • No more than 150 seconds per routine
  • Judged on Character and Artistry, and Form, Execution and Technique – not on difficulty.

Novices can take part in two classes – silks solo, and aerial hoop solo, and rest assured proper training and supervision will be given!

Intermediate and Advanced

For experienced and advanced aerialists the criteria are somewhat different, including an extension of the routine time to 180 seconds, and a requirement to be using the apparatus for 80% of the routine. Also, classes will be split into age groups 6 to 11, and 12 to 18 years. The routine will also be judged on difficulty, as would be expected with the advanced aerialists.


If you are interested in the Aerobatics Circus Festival, and we think it’s an ideal way to introduce young people to fresh new skills, the first workshops take place on the Friday evening, between 6pm and 8pm. Workshops on Saturday are at 9 am to 11 am, with a break and then the competitions from 2 pm in the afternoon.

Being able to perform circus act-style aerial movements may not have appealed to you before, but we recommend you give it a try as it really is something very different! No matter if you have never done it before, or indeed anything of this kind, get in touch with the Aerobatics Circus Center now and book your place. It could be the most refreshing thing you’ve ever done, and it will certainly be a lot of fun!

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