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Mark Your Calendar For the Plano Magazine Beer Walk

Are you a fan of craft beer? Fancy trying some of the best options Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas craft breweries have to offer? Join the Plano Magazine at The Shops at Willow Bend.

What is the Plano Magazine Beer Walk?

If there is one thing all Plano residents love, it’s drinking beer and shopping. The Plano Magazine Beer Walk, therefore, is a great event that combines both. Rather than expect you to travel around town, from one bar or establishment to the other, the event is designed to give you all the tastes and experience of the best craft beers in town, all under one roof.

How Does it Actually Work?

There are more than 30 different beers, all from local craft breweries. The first thing you need to do, upon arrival at The Shops at Willow Bend complex is check-in. Take your very own collectible glass and an accompanying map that will guide you to all those tasty samples and start your beer walk. The fun starts at 5.30 and finishes at 8.30, though you can check-in at any time between those times.

A Chance to Meet the Brewers

One of the great things is it gives you the opportunity to not only try some delicious beers but the people behind them. You can learn the method in their madness and find out more about the brewing process. A must for all true beer lovers.

Some of the great breweries have made appearances at the Plano Magazine Beer Walk in the past. Favorites at the event have included Great Raft, Lakewood Brewing Co., Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company and Texas Ale Project. If you’ve been to others throughout the year, don’t worry.

At least half of the sample beers along with the prizes and live music changes from one walk to the next. So, you’re always in for a surprise.

Is it All About the Beer?

Although beer is an integral part of the event, that’s not all the Plano Magazine Beer Walk has to offer. There is a stellar line-up of live music throughout the day. So, you can tap your toes and dance too, if you like. To help your stomach deal with all that alcohol, there is also a wide variety of pop-up vendors selling food.

Is the Event Just for Adults?

Not at all. The mall itself will be opened to non-participants in the Beer walk anyway. Besides, the Plano Magazine Beer Walk was devised as an event all families from Plano could enjoy. Just remember to be a responsible patron, don’t drink too much and make sure you have transportation arranged.

If you live in Plano and are looking for something different to do, why not attend the Beer Walk. An interesting selection of beer, delicious food, toe-tapping live music, and great prizes await. There’s a reason why this event is so popular. It really brings the community together and helps to support local Plano businesses.

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