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Perks of Being a Savvy Girl

Perks of Being a Savvy Girl

At L.A. Bikini, we’re all about helping you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. Our sugaring hair removal treatments are ideal for achieving the silky-smooth skin you desire without the sting of waxing or the aftermath (razor burn!) of shaving. If you’re thinking about switching up your hair-removal and skin-care routine, try sugaring, we offer a Savvy Girl membership package to help you get the most of your sugaring hair-removal experience!

What’s Included with the Savvy Girl Membership Package?

Our Savvy Girl package is a six-month membership; for just $70 per month, you’ll enjoy unlimited Savvy Girl L.A. Bikini’s and the ability to come in as frequently as once a week for your sugaring hair-removal treatment. As you enjoy your regular treatments with us, you’ll find not only that your skin feels smoother than ever before, but that you may be able to go longer in between treatments as hair regrowth slows down.

After your six-month membership expires, you can then enjoy a pay-as-you-go approach with your sugaring sessions at just $35 each, which is a savings of more than 50% off the non-member rate!

Overall, the Savvy Girl membership is a great option for those who are committed to seeing a reduction in hair growth all while achieving beautiful, glowing skin through sugaring hair-removal treatments. With this membership, you can schedule treatments as often as once a week if you desire. This membership is also wonderful for savvy girls who are looking to get the smooth skin they desire at an affordable price!

To find out more about Savvy Girl memberships and learn more about membership options, check out our website. You can also view our locations, book your next appointment online, and find out more about sugaring hair removal!

Sugaring Self-Care

Sugaring Self-Care When was the last time you did something for yourself? If you’re like many busy ladies, it’s probably been awhile. Still, self-care is important not only for your physical health, but for your mental and emotional well-being. An act of self-care can be something as simple as taking the time to trim and file your nails, or it can be as extravagant as going to get your hair done at your favorite salon. Now, think about how much time you spend shaving on a weekly basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of that time back while still being able to enjoy silky smooth skin? With sugaring, you can say “goodbye” to shaving for good; sugaring hair removal involves the use of a gentle and exfoliating sugar-based paste that not only removes hair, but cleans the follicle of debris while conditioning and exfoliating the skin. The end result is smooth, radiant skin with minimal discomfort or risk of ingrown hair. If you’re looking for a new way to practice self-care, consider giving sugaring hair removal a try for yourself. Frequent sugaring weakens the hair follicle and reduces hair growth, keeping that skin glowing for days! Think of how much time you’ll save in your daily routine. That’s time you can use to do things you truly enjoy, like getting ready for your next vacation or hitting the gym.   Stop sacrificing your time for traditional shaving! Get sugared and see the difference for yourself. We’re sure you’ll never want to go back to your razor! And of course, pampering yourself with a sugaring appointment is a great way to exercise some much deserved self-care.

Here Comes the Downtown Plano August Art and Wine Walk : Sideshow

The city of Plano, Texas is one that keeps a low profile, yet it’s also one you should definitely visit – especially if you enjoy art and wine! For many people, art and wine go together well, and they certainly do in Plano. Here, a local magazine – Plano! – came up with an idea a few years ago of organising an ‘art and wine walk’ on a regular basis through the city. The Downtown Plano Art and Wine Walk is now a well-subscribed event that is in its 4th year. You can enjoy a guided walk every month from April to December. If you want to get on board for the August event, you can book tickets online at this link, and we recommend you do so quickly as these excellent events may sell out fast. What can you expect when you take part in the Plano Art and Wine Walk? Put simply, good fun, good company, good wine and enjoyable art!
view of the walk from previous years
Originally published at: https://www.visitplano.com/

Various Locations

The walks are planned to take in the very best of Plano’s social scene, as well as the best of its wine, and you can expect a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and informative evening. Each month’s walk has a theme, and the upcoming walk – which takes place on the 8th of August – has the theme ‘Sideshow’; you’ll need to dig deeper to find out more! The evening begins at 5pm at a well-known Plano venue event 1013, where you will be given a commemorative glass, plus your tasting card and wine guide. When they say ‘walk’ do bear in mind that while there is some walking from venue to venue involved, there are also around 20 stops each month to sample different wines! While on the walk, participants fill in their tasting cards as they go, which is a great way of remembering the wines you appreciated, and you’ll also enjoy some venues with live music, fine local art, and if you wish, some shopping along the way. It’s a great evening out, and you’ll surely make new wine and art-loving friends!

Evening Raffle and After-Party

The walk finishes officially at 9.15pm when walkers gather in the McCall Plaza. Here, you hand in your card to enter a raffle, which features some great prizes! Once the raffle has been drawn, you are free to join the after-party at Hub Street, a popular sports bar and restaurant, where the fun continues with good wine and other drinks available at sensible prices, as well as Plano Art and Wine Walk merchandise. The Art and Wine Walk is, as we have said, not only a great way of meeting new like-minded people – so excellent if you’re new to the area – but is also an educational walk around the city, taking in some of the best bars and entertainment in Plano. Remember to get in early for your tickets, it’s really not expensive at $15 dollars for an evening out if you book in advance!

L.A. Bikini – Plano, Texas

This article was brought to you by the L.A. Bikini Sugaring Studio in Plano, Texas. Look your best at this year’s event and all summer long by visiting your local Sugarists at L.A. Bikini.

Sugaring Hair Removal

Running in the Porters Half Marathon in Draper City Park This Year? Don’t Forget to Sugar First!

Running a half-marathon takes a lot of preparation, but it is also an achievement that will give you great pride and satisfaction when completed. The clock may be timing you but for most competitors in these fun events, the thrill is in completing the course. There are many half-marathons run in various cities across the USA – and indeed the world – but one of the most popular in our area is the Porter’s Half Marathon. porters half marathon at the historic draper city park Taking place annually in Draper Park, the Porter’s Half Marathon attracts a healthy entry across all levels of experience each year, and is also well-attended  by spectators. The 2019 event takes place on August 17th, and you still have time to get an entry in if you’re quick.

What’s Sugaring Got to Do With a Half-Marathon?

It’s a good question, but bear with us and you might get the idea! First, what is sugaring? Sugaring – or sugar waxing – is fast becoming the most popular method for removing body hair. It’s not new though. Sugar waxing has been around since 1900BC, so it’s a proven method! What makes it special? Sugaring uses a paste that is applied to the area where the unwanted hair is. The paste, when ready, is removed and the hair comes with it. Unlike waxing, none of your living skin cells will come off – just the hair and dead skin cells – so you will hopefully feel less pain while benefiting from exfoliation. That’s sugaring in a nutshell, but again, what has that got to do with the Porter’s Half Marathon? Many runners – both men and women – shave their legs and perhaps arms before they set out on a run. We looked into whether this gave them a competitive advantage. It would appear that it may do so, but perhaps only psychologically! Many men, when asked why the shave their legs before a race, said that it was more comfortable. Others said gravel wounds heal quicker without hair – this is actually true – and bandages and compression  garments are easier to get on and off. Others were honest enough to admit they simply wanted to show off their legs, and attract a potential partner! Whatever your reasons, we are suggesting sugaring as the best, quickest and least painful method of removing that hair that you don’t want on display for the half marathon. So, check out local sugaring salons and they’ll be happy to help.

The Fun of the Run

Apart from all the above, do remember that a half-marathon – while not a simple event – is meant to be fun. You don’t have to be an expert or even experienced runner to attempt the distance if you train correctly. Just find someone who can help you put a good training regime into place and stick with it. Of course, if you’re just thinking about this now you’re too late for the Porter’s Half Marathon in Draper Park, but for those who are running, good luck, and have fun! This post was brought to you by the L.A. Bikini Sugaring Studio in Draper, Utah. Click the image below to find out why L.A. Bikini is The New Smooth.

Don’t Miss the Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest 2019

Summer is the season for doing stuff together as a family, from wonderful places to visit through to exciting events to become involved in. Parents across the country will be looking through listings to find something suitable to fill up those holes in their schedule, and once in a while, an event comes up that promises to combine all the best things about a good day out. For parents in Alabama, there is plenty of choices in 2019. So, if you want a recommendation for what promises to be a truly exciting few days, check out Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest 2019, a music and fun festival taking places in Mobile, Alabama, starting on the 29th  of July through to the 3rd  of August. This year is the inaugural staging of what Mobile hopes will become a fixture on the summer festival circuit, and there really is something for everyone at this superb new event.

What’s going on at Mobchella?

The Port City of Mobile, Alabama, is one that offers visitors a friendly and inviting welcome. With some excellent restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, impressive parks and gardens, and historic interest throughout the area, there is plenty to enjoy here. Shopping is also great with some decent malls, so if you come to Mobile for Mobchella, there’s something to do when you want to take a break from the festival! It may be worth booking your hotel or other accommodations early though because this is bound to be a popular event with both visitors and locals. So, what can you expect to see at the Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest? The first Summer Fest in Mobile is focusing on combining music, love and health, while also promoting the very important topic of Childhood Health and Obesity Awareness. This theme will be continued through what will certainly be a fun and enjoyable event. Not only will live music be playing all through the festival – with some top bands and artists lined up to entertain the crowds – but there will be activities to get involved in, including a fun family fitness and sports day, a basketball game, a DJ Day that will take place in the beautiful park, and much more. The grand finale is being promoted as the ‘Mob Town Finale Bash’ and is sure to be the party to top them all. For visitors and locals alike, this is going to be a very popular festival.

Visitors from Local and Afar

The focus of Summer Fest is to promote the friendly and vibrant culture and vibe of the city of Mobile, a place that has a rich history, nearby beaches, great food and an amazing nightlife. This can be seen in the many buildings displaying colonial influences, and in the wide range of cuisine on offer throughout the city. If you have yet to visit Mobile, the Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy fine music, food and dancing, while exploring one of the most attractive coastal cities in the South.