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End 2017 On A Sweet Note

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Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to enjoy smooth legs on Christmas day, hey! Happy holidays, everyone! Here at L.A. Bikini, we’re wrapping up 2017 with Christmas extravaganzas and New Year’s preparations. The little black dress is calling our name, and we’re ready to sleigh the season with sugary smooth legs. We’ve sugared our legs; have you sugared yours? Ride over to L.A. Bikini’s sugaring studio, and we’ll slide your look from naughty to nice.

It’s Time To Sleigh

Christmas trees are great this time of year, but not when they can be used to describe your legs…yuck! It’s time to trim those limbs, and what better way to remove unruly hair than by sprinkling on a little sugar? At L.A. Bikini, we use a 100% chemical-free sugar paste to strip away unwanted hair and leave your legs silky smooth. Our sugaring for hair removal services is a natural, less painful hair removal process that is easier than singing a carol. Learn more about our sugaring process on our L.A. Bikini website!

In lieu of the holidays, we know that you’ll have several Christmas parties lined up; why not be the smoothest girl at the party? That little black dress will look even better with flawless skin! Do yourself a favor and let us give you the sweet gift of sugar hair removal. Unlike regular wax, our sugaring paste gently exfoliates the skin rather than adhering to live skin cells. This means that you will leave irritation-free and that you will definitely prefer sugaring over waxing. Waxing for hair removal service? Oh, please! L.A. Bikini’s sugar hair removal is the way to go!

 LA Bikini Sugaring Studio

The Best New Year’s Resolution

Of course, the New Year will bring in some incredible New Year’s parties…and some fabulous getaways. Why not be smooth from head to toe? The LA Bikini is our bikini hair removal service that beats regular bikini waxing. Want to watch the ball drop and jump on a cruise right after? Now you can! After experiencing L.A. Bikini’s sugar hair removal, you’ll be ready for anything.

We already know that sugaring is the way to go, but what else can our sugaring studio do to prepare you for the New Year? We can give you the best spray tan ever! Our spray tanning salon will give your skin a beautiful bronze that will make you look like you should be performing in Times Square. Never considered spray tanning? Now’s the time to check it out! Make “Visit L.A. Bikini” one of your New Year’s resolutions!

Check Your List

Add L.A. Bikini to your holiday list, and don’t forget to check it twice! We’re here to use our expertise to make your holiday season fabulous.

Forget Holiday Treats, Be Sugar Sweet!

L.A. Bikini Sugaring Studio


Isn’t smooth skin amazing? All summer, we ladies rock the shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. We wear smooth skin like it’s our crowning glory….until fall comes. Ugh! The hair starts growing back, and we’re stuck with an organic sweater that would put a Yeti to shame. The good news is that with L.A. Bikini’s sugar hair removal, you can shed the Yeti hair with some sugary care. Our sugaring studio will give you smooth skin that will boost your go-to look and your confidence.

The Sweet Truth

Imagine you’re getting ready for a holiday party. Your makeup is flawless, your hair is exceptional, and your ensemble is Beyoncé-worthy. Everything’s perfect…except your skin. Instead of coming to L.A. Bikini for our hair removal service, you decided a razor was sufficient. Pity, your skin is now covered in red bumps and loose hairs. Your runway readiness has turned into a blemished bust.

Don’t ruin your flawless look with unhealthy, uneven skin. L.A. Bikini’s sugar paste removes hair naturally and painlessly – a promise that makes our sugar better than wax. Our sugar paste gently exfoliates dead skin cells, which leaves your skin silky smooth without the irritation that is usually associated with waxing. L.A. Bikini sugaring can even reduce hair growth, treat skin problems, and improve skin tone and texture.

L.A. Bikini’s sugar hair removal service will promote healthy, smooth skin that matches every occasion. Besides, between us, the best results come with continued service. Do yourself a favor and keep sugaring–healthy, smooth skin shouldn’t just be a seasonal thing! Ditch the wax and the razor, and say hello to the sweetest smooth. You can stay sugary sweet from your head to your toes with our sugaring hair removal services. Contact the studio closest to you and book your appointment asap!

The Sugar Masters

At L.A. Bikini, our sugar experts use a sugar paste that is 100% chemical free–it’s so natural, it’s edible! We know all about sugar hair removal, and we’re ready to use our talents to make your skin feel fabulous.

Maybe you and your boy decided to ditch the brisk and book a cruise for the holiday. Don’t worry, we have you covered. The traditional brazilian uses wax to remove hair. At L.A. Bikini, we provide the same service, but we call the Brazilian a “LA Bikini”. Instead of wax, we use our awesome sugaring paste – a less painful process with better results. Not comfortable with bikini hair removal? No problem! We provide full- and half-service sugaring that will remove hair anywhere you want–you select, we sugar. Whatever your preference, L.A. Bikini will make your skin look vacation-ready, all year long!

To complement your smooth skin, maybe you want to enhance your natural glow. Beautiful bronze isn’t just for summer. L.A. Bikini offers custom spray tans that rival any tanning salon in town! Our spray tans help to give your skin a warmth that rivals the November chill. Tanning and sugaring? Yes, please!

Love Sugaring?

Do you love sugaring? Let us know! This month we are launching our “I Love Sugaring Contest.” Don’t forget to follow L.A. Bikini on Instagram and Facebook to learn more!

Love Sugaring Contest

Candy Shouldn’t Be The Only Sweet Thing On Your Mind This Halloween

Don’t think sugaring is important in the fall? Well, we can think of tons of occasions where having smooth skin is necessary. Between tailgates, date parties, formals, and Halloween, there are many reasons to come visit our studio! You didn’t think we would let you forget that sugaring is a must before getting all dolled up? Any costume will look better with picture-perfect brows and beautifully smooth legs.

Halloween Checklist

When you love Halloween, it can never be too early to start preparing for an event-filled weekend! We know there’s just so much to do. That’s why planning and creating a pre-weekend checklist is a great idea. What do you need to make your Halloween-filled evenings go off without a hitch? Take a look below.

  1. The Costume – Let’s be honest, you probably have two or three already picked out for the weekend, so let’s move on.
  2. Hair / Makeup / Accessories – Choose your color or style to make your locks pop? Check. Find the perfect lipstick or face paint to compliment your look? Check. Grab the wing, boots, or jewels to top your outfit off? Of course.
  3. A Smooth Finish – You don’t want to show off those killer legs without getting rid of any unwanted hair, do you? No way! Instead, skip the wax and ditch the razor. Sugar is the only thing you’ll need to get the silky, smooth skin you desire.

Not sure where to start? At L.A. Bikini our full-service sugaring studio offers body sugaring services from your head to your toes. Want to start with something easy? Try your brows! Looking to go bare? The LA Bikini service – our alternative to the Brazilian – is perfect for you! We can help you remove hair from your legs (half or whole service) to make sure you look great in tights, skirts, dresses, and more. Any costume you choose will look even better with the addition of perfectly smooth skin!

Why Sugar?

Sugaring is the fastest and most effective way of permanently removing hair. Not only is the sugar paste we use at L.A. Bikini all natural (it’s even edible!), but sugaring is proven to be less painful than waxing! When it comes to getting ready for a night out – do you really want to risk having redness or swelling from wax? No way! Sugaring is actually perfect for someone with sensitive skin because it doesn’t result in irritation from the heat or chemicals found in wax! Sugaring even can help eliminate and prevent ingrown hair, can treat skin problems (like keratosis, eczema, and psoriasis), and can improve skin tone and texture.  Are you wondering why you haven’t been sugared yet? Us too.

Going Out For Halloween Weekend?

If you’re planning on showing some skin, remember to come to L.A. Bikini for a sugaring session! Contact the nearest studio and book your appointment before it’s crunch time.

It’s A Smooth Thing, Not A Summer Thing

Always Smooth Skin By Sugar

Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that summer is prime time for showing off your skin. Heck, we’d live our entire lives in a bikini if we could! However, the fall can be a great time to show off skin too. Whether you’re slipping into the perfect dress for a tailgate, sorority events, or even Halloween – having smooth skin is a must for any woman! We aren’t just talking about your bikini line, we’re talking legs, arms, brows, and everything in between!

Benefits Of Sugar

Smooth skin shouldn’t only be a priority in the summer (or during special occasions)! Instead, you should take control of your beauty routine and add some sugar to the mix. There’s nothing quite like being able to enjoy perfectly smooth skin all year round. Not only does sugar make your skin feel smooth like never before… it actually improves your skin’s health! Don’t believe us? Take a look at just a few of the reasons why it’s time to kiss waxing goodbye and try the new smooth.

  1. Sugaring leaves your skin healthy and gorgeous. Sugaring can eliminate and prevent ingrown hair, treat skin problems ranging from keratosis and eczema to psoriasis, and improve skin tone and texture.
  2. Our sugar paste is 100% natural. When you choose sugar, you not only get beautiful skin; you also get to avoid the chemical-based waxing products that are typically used in the hair removal process.
  3. Sugaring is less painful than waxing (plus, no nicks or cuts like with shaving). Our sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of the growth of your hair, resulting in a less painful hair removal process.
  4. Reduced hair growth. Over time, you’ll not only get smooth skin like you’ve never had before, but you’ll notice that you’ll require fewer treatments to remove hair and keep it gone.
  5. Smooth skin like never before. When our sugar paste is removed, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

Ready To Be A Savvy Girl?

Did you know that it takes 6 months to slow the growth of hair? Why not start your Savvy Girl member now to make 2018 the year of smooth! There’s nothing like getting a head start on smooth skin. Plus, you’ll beat the rush and be able to enjoy smooth skin during tons of occasions such as Halloween or that fancy Christmas party!

The next step to permanently reduce your hair growth starts with becoming an L.A. Bikini member today! Contact the studio closest to you today and find out why it pays to be smooth.

The Sweetest Way To Start Your Year Off

Sugaring Hair Removal

Let’s face it – we all want to look good when we’re back on campus. What better way than to grab a pair of heels, a cute outfit and show off that summer tan? Whether you’re dressing up or keeping it casual, smooth skin is something that will easily go with any outfit in your closet! Kick off this year by looking your best with the sweetest way to remove unwanted hair in town.

A Different Kind Of Sugar Rush

Let’s face it – you’ve already been stressing over what to wear, the perfect hairstyle,  and bought all the essentials to give your makeup a quick touch up between houses – could you be forgetting something? Well… sugar, of course!

Whether you’re rushing or recruiting,  having silky smooth skin to compliment your already killer outfit is a great way to give your confidence a boost!  We want to help you look your absolute best no matter what you have on. A trip to our studio can help you top off the perfect look with flawlessly smooth skin. Whether you’re looking for a simple brow touch-up or something more, we can help you stay smooth from your head to your toes.

We know that you can wax, shave or tweeze to get rid of unwanted hair – but why not try something a little bit sweeter for your skin? Not only does sugar hair removal get rid of unwanted hair to leave your skin feeling smoother than ever, but sugaring also helps promote the reduction of hair growth. That means that the more you sugar, the less frequently you have to go! Which gives you more time to do all the fun things you enjoy – without having to worry about unwanted hair every time you put a new outfit on! Plus, you won’t be left with razor burn, burns, or redness – instead, your skin will be smooth to the touch and ready to show off!

Trust us once you have a taste of sugar, you’ll never go back to wax.


Sugar? Yes, Please.

During the month of August we are offering a student special to get your skin looking perfect – whether you’re strutting your stuff across campus, dressing to the nines for the big game, or trying to impress your dream house during sorority recruitment. Visit one of our studios and flash your student id to receive our special student pricing on an LA Bikini ($43), Brow ($12), Lip ($12) or Spray Tan ($25)!

Find a studio near you and book your sugaring appointment today!