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Why Sugar Paste Hair Removal is Best for Your Upcoming Photo Shoot

Why Sugar Paste Hair Removal is Best for Your Upcoming Photo Shoot Ready to look beautiful using all-natural ingredients? Consider trying sugar paste for hair removal. Before hitting the beach and posing for the camera, give your body a smooth shiny finish.

To Wax or Not to Wax?

When considering options for hair removal, you may be thinking about waxing. If you choose to be waxed, you are having hair removed in the direction of growth. This can be rough on sensitive skin and cause irritation that lasts a long time. When being photographed you do not want to show off bright red skin, especially for a professional photoshoot where the camera quality and light balance is more controlled exposing all the details on your skin. When being photographed by a professional photographer, your skin should be glowing and make your friends writhe with envy. The integrity of your skin is very important and better-taken care of when using sugar paste. Because the method involves applying the paste against the direction of growth, there is less hair breakage. Your skin will also react with less irritation, due to the paste not pulling at live skin cells like waxing does.

No Filters Here

You should feel comfortable in your own skin and pose like the supermodel you know you are. An attractive feature of sugar paste is that it is made with ingredients that are more friendly for people who have skin conditions like eczema, keratosis, and psoriasis. With a less harmful method, your skin will show improvement visually and texturally. Exfoliation is what you will experience, as opposed to the ripping and tearing of your skin’s surface when being waxed. Why have your photos edited? Your skin will not be something to hide or edit. Instead, you can take those photos and not have to flip through the vast number of filters social media has. Bringing out your natural beauty is what sugaring will do.

Protect Your Skin

Waxing leaves your skin exposed to contaminates, which proves risky when going to the beach and having the sand and environment interact with your body. Another thing to think about is the reaction your skin will have to the saltwater in the ocean and what comes within it. Don’t be left vulnerable and go with sugar paste hair removal. This method of hair removal does not burn your skin because it doesn’t need external heat for application. Compared to waxing, sugaring is not painful and chemical-free. Frequent sugaring also offers reduced hair growth and weakened hair follicles so that your skin can maintain a silky texture year-round.

Blissful Skin

Silky, shiny, glowing, and healthy. These are just a few of the keywords that would be used to describe your skin. Whether it be for a professional photoshoot, a date, or an outing with your friends, rock what you got with confidence. After taking such good care of your skin, consider yourself ahead of the curve and get yourself a professional photographer to showcase your newfound beauty. With sugar paste hair removal there is no need to hide from the cameras.

Say Goodbye to Waxing and Hello to Sugaring

street-2 Did you make a new year’s resolution to improve yourself? Taking care of yourself goes beyond healthy eating and staying active. You can also add healthy, beautiful skin to your list by starting a beauty routine that not only will help remove unwanted hair, but will make your skin healthy and soft to the touch — a combo that is tough to resist! Smooth skin shouldn’t just be a summertime priority… instead, it should be at the top of your to-do list at the beginning of the year! If you start caring for your skin now, you can be ahead of the rest by already having the smooth skin you’re looking for way before bikini season! How? By saying goodbye to tired and painful hair removal methods (like waxing) and trying something a little bit sweeter — sugaring, the alternative to waxing that you’ve been looking for!

A Little Sugar Doesn’t Hurt

There are a lot of different ways to remove unwanted hair. However, many of these ways are painful, messy and temporary. Getting smooth, flawless skin doesn’t have to be a painful process. Remove the ouch from your beauty routine by saying goodbye to painful hair removal options like waxing. Wax is an adhesive, so it actually adheres to your skin. When you remove the hair, you will feel a lot of pain and the process can actually damage, burn or scar your skin due to the hot wax. At L.A. Bikini, we have found a better way to smooth skin that not only removes unwanted hair, but leaves your skin feeling healthy and beautiful long after treatment. Instead of dealing with hot wax, the sugaring process requires no heat and is performed at body temperature so it will not burn or damage delicate skin. When the sugar paste is removed, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind skin that’s beautiful and smooth instead of irritated and inflamed.

A Permanent Way To Hair Reduction

Unlike other hair removal methods that only work as a temporary fix, sugaring can help to  permanently reduce hair growth. Over time, you’ll not only get smooth skin like you’ve never had before, but you’ll notice that you’ll require fewer treatments to remove hair and keep it gone!   The fastest way to silky smooth skin and to permanently reduce hair growth is through our Savvy Girl Membership.

Wake Up The Beauty In Your Skin

Sugaring leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go! Adding some sugar to your beauty routine can help your skin to feel smooth like never before. Sugaring gives you a head start on gorgeous skin, and you can make those results even better by detoxifying, softening and exfoliating at home with our Full Circle Skin Conditioning program.

Start Your Journey To Smooth Today!

Why wait till summer to have smooth beautiful skin when you can keep your skin looking fabulous all year round? Start sugaring in the winter and you’ll be ahead of the curve before summer even starts! Book your appointment today. 

Hair Color Tips from L.A. Bikini

LA_B_hair_dye_blog (1) Dying your hair is the hottest trend this time of year! From light pastels to dark ombre, we support you in adding a little flair to your look! Check out these tips and tricks from L.A. Bikini to optimize your experience and keep your hair protected.

Dye the Right Way

Remember that when you dye your hair, it is not permanent. So dare to be adventurous! However, do remember that you are not only lifting your hair’s natural color, you are also depositing a new color. If your hair has never been dyed before, you will get better results. If your hair has been dyed before, your roots may attract the color deeper and stronger than the rest of your hair. This is called “hot roots.” To avoid this, don’t dye as heavily as you reach your scalp. If you are simply reapplying color to already dyed hair, try not to apply dye too heavily to the tips of your hair. That part of your hair has retained the previous dye for the longest. Therefore, when you add more dye, it can result in a heavy, darker look that you did not plan for. To keep your color consistent from root to tip, try adding a gloss or a barely lighter shade. Not only will you get some shine, you will be able to more easily maintain your current color. To extend the life of your beautiful color, use heat tools sparingly and limit shampoo to twice a week. And if you’re absolutely desperate, you can use a little eyeshadow and a brush to hide your peeking roots.

Achieve Effortless Beach Hair

It’s beach season, and that means you deserve the perfect custom tan from L.A. Bikini. Then, you can perfect your beachy waves to compliment your glowing skin. This season, it looks like brilliant pastel colors are popular, especially considering Kylie Jenner’s look at Coachella this year. To get the perfect waves, go all natural. First, hop in the shower. As your hair is drying (but not yet completely dry), throw your hair into a couple braids or a tight bun. Once your hair has had time to dry like that, open it up carefully. Tousle, spritz with some hairspray, and you’re ready to go! If your dyed hair starts to get green from too much time in the pool, invest in some pink shampoo. Pink shampoo will help eliminate the green tinge and provide your hair with the moisture it needs. You can also try a sulfate-free shampoo on dyed hair of any color to protect it from the stripping properties of harsh chemicals in stronger products.

Get Your Custom Spray Tan from L.A. Bikini Today!

At L.A. Bikini, we know dyed, beachy, summer hair goes best with a custom spray tan. Our experts believe in custom treatment and professionalism. Book your appointment today to experience the difference!

What To Pack: Winter Vacation

ways to improve your skin Boarding a plane or train with tons of baggage and a huge coat on does not sound ideal. So how do people do it? They look fashionable and comfortable while they travel and still stay warm once they reach their destination. L.A. Bikini has got the secrets on ways to improve your skin!

Accessorizing is Always Important

Winter time can be abrasive! The cold air is harsh on even healthy, glowing skin. But good news! There are ways to improve your skin by keeping it fashionably accessorized. Start with your smooth legs and cold feet. Colorful tights, warm wool socks, and knitted leg warmers are a great way to keep your lower half wrapped up. It can get itchy, especially if you have ingrown hairs. So make sure that you keep your legs smooth and less irritated with the most organic and least painful form of hair removal, sugaring. Learn more about sugaring here. Of course, the most important accessory is a good pair of shoes. Weatherproof boots for places with extreme conditions like snow will keep your toes toasty through the winter. Snow shoes and moccasins are also good for winter. If you are walking down snowy hills one minute and then through an airport the next, you want to make sure that the shoes are both durable and comfortable. Do your research to find what fits you best.

Hand Over Your Heart

Your upper body is even very important. Keeping your heart and head warm will keep your whole body warm. Invest in a good hat, scarf, and pair of gloves. Your hat should be thick and warm. Try to purchase a hat that keeps both your neck and ears covered. Cold ears are not fun! To keep it light for travel, look for a hat that is foldable, does not have any fragile bows or fluffy balls that will get ruined from packing and unpacking.

Long Sleeves and Layers

It may seem obvious, but the easiest way to pack light and stay warm is with layers. A few breathable long sleeves shirts and neutral turtlenecks will keep you at a constant warm temperature. They are perfect for layering. Then, for the colder conditions add a weather resistant vest, cardigan, or peacoat. Throw on some of those accessories and you are ready to go no matter how cold it is wherever you go!

Beat the Winter – and Look Fabulous

There are ways to improve your skin this winter no matter where your winter vacation may take you. Don’t let the cold, dry weather get the better of you. Keep your skin glowing and smooth with L.A. Bikini. Learn more about how to achieve custom tanned, smooth skin at your local studio this season. Book your appointment today!

3 Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

healthy skin tipsA healthy, glowing complexion is the holy grail of skincare. Everyone wants flawless skin! Some people have an advantage because of good genes. Those of us who weren’t so lucky in the gene pool lottery have to figure out what helps improve our skin. Fortunately, it only takes a few good habits to have the skin you’ve always wanted. Follow these 3 tips to have that healthier looking skin!

#1: Develop a Skincare Routine

birmingham sugaringYour skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler it is, the more likely you will stick to it. The important thing is to make it a habit and be consistent. In the morning, wash your face with a mild cleanser. Then apply moisturizer and sunscreen. In less than 5 minutes, you can be done with the whole routine! At night, remove your makeup, apply moisturizer, and apply a night cream. No more sleeping in your makeup. Your skin will thank you.

#2 Drink A Lot of Water

waxing birmingham alYour skin is 64% water, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drinking water is good for your skin. When your body becomes dehydrated, your skin can look dry and wrinkled. Be sure to drink water before you feel thirsty. Thirst is a sign that your body is already feeling dehydrated. Professionals recommend that you drink at least eight 8 oz glasses of water daily, which is amazing for your skin.

#3 Wear Sunscreen

sun protectionSun damage can cause your skin to have an uneven skin tone. It can make skin dull and rough. Worst of all, it can cause wrinkles! Sunscreen is your best weapon for protecting your skin from the sun. When choosing a sunscreen look for a broad-spectrum cream that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Be sure to reapply every 2 to 3 hours and immediately after swimming. If you think you don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days, think again! Without sunscreen you can receive significant sun damage, even when it’s overcast.

Extra Tip: Stop Waxing Your Skin!

Waxing unwanted hair is simply bad for your skin, plus it hurts! Fortunately, there is a completely natural alternative to hair removal and it’s called sugaring! Learn more about why you should stop waxing and start sugaring and book your appointment at L.A. Bikini today for the best sugaring and spray tanning in the Birmingham area.