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Savvy Girls Know Best. Are You In The Know?

labikini savvy girl memebership You’re already on your way to beautiful, smooth skin. You’ve discovered that sugaring is perfect for you, and you’d never go back to waxing. However, are you taking full advantage of all that L.A. Bikini has to offer? We want to talk about our Savvy Girl Membership and tell you why this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

What Is Savvy Girl?

Our Savvy Girl Membership is the quickest and most effective way to permanently reduce hair growth with sugaring. Not only will you notice how smooth your skin feels, but you’ll notice that over time you’ll require fewer hair removal treatments. Our Savvy Girl members can come in once every two weeks for treatment or as frequently as once a week if you’d like, it’s up to you!  

Only Six Months And You Become A Lifetime Member!

When you make sugaring a part of your beauty routine, you won’t only enjoy smooth skin, but you’ll also notice that after you start getting regular treatments, you’ll eventually require fewer treatments over time! That’s why after six months of the Savvy Girl Membership, you’re out of a contract and become a lifetime member and are free to come in for treatment as needed while only paying $35 per LA Bikini session, plus save up to 50% for non-Savvy girl appointments! That means you’ll be spending less time and money on getting treatments, and more time enjoying all of the things that you love to do!  

Unlimited LA Bikini’s

Our signature service, the LA Bikini — the alternative to the Brazilian —not only removes hair at the bikini line and bikini area, but also permanently reduces hair growth. One of the best benefits of our Savvy Girl membership is that it includes unlimited LA Bikini’s! Don’t worry, you read that right – unlimited! However, we do recommend getting at least two per month for best results.    

Visit L.A. Bikini Today!

Whether you’re looking to remove hair along the bikini line (we refer to Brazilian hair removal as an LA Bikini) or anywhere else, sugar paste hair removal provides a less painful waxing alternative and helps to permanently reduce hair growth. Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits of sugaring hair removal? We’re here to help you achieve the beautiful, smooth skin that you’ve always wanted! Book your appointment today at any of our four locations.

The Best Bikini for Your Body Type

Waxing in Birmingham AL Do you spend hours swimming through swimsuit aisles and still leave empty-handed? Not today! L.A. Bikini is here to help you find the best bikini for your body so you can pair that beautiful body with a suit that turns heads.

Smaller Chest vs. Bigger Chest

If you have a smaller chest you do not need as much support as those with a bigger chest. So don’t worry! You’ve got so many options. Tops with ruffles, embroidery, fringe, or bows can give the illusion of a bigger chest while also a little fun to your swimsuit. For added oomph, you can try a suit with a little padding. If you’re looking to enhance your curves, try a triangle top or halter top. And remember! You’re lucky because you don’t need the support, you can totally rock bandeau and strapless tops as well. For those with a little more bust, support is important! Suits with underwire are the way to go. Unlike those with a smaller chest, if you are trying to hide the girls, opt for a suit with a tame pattern and less embellishment like fringe or ruffles. Though you may want to avoid padding, any suit with built-in cups will help provide you with the support you need. On to the hips!

Smaller Booty vs. Bigger Booty

If you are trying to accentuate your backside in your new bikini, look for something with ruching or lace, as we suggested with bikini tops. Bold prints and bright colors will also help enhance your booty, giving you a fuller look. String bikinis and low-rise bottoms work in your favor. Take advantage! If you’ve got more to work with back there, you want to make sure to avoid skimpy string bottoms. We don’t want any wedgies at the beach. You also do not want to end up losing your drawers in the pool! If you’re trying to fend off unwanted attention, like with tops, look for neutrals, solid prints, or muted colors that do not bring attention to your rear. If you want to flaunt your booty proudly, try a high-waisted bottom in a bold color. This will give you a little drama while still providing you with appropriate support and coverage.

Maternity Monokini

Got a little one on the way? No worries. You can still strutt your stuff in the sand. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but remember that just because you are pregnant does not mean you cannot feel beautiful and confident! Perhaps try a cute monokini or one-piece if a two piece makes you nervous. If you’re looking for more style and functionality, try a tankini! Tankinis are two-piece suits that will help cover your baby bump and still provide you the comfort of a two piece (especially when using the restroom). Remember, no matter what shape or size you may be, you have the right to feel beautiful. Start with smooth, tan skin. At L.A. Bikini, we are dedicated to helping you become the most beautiful you you can be this summer. Learn more about L.A. Bikini today. From sugaring services to spray tans, we have got what it takes to get you out on that beach looking flawless in no time. Learn more and book online!

Look Fabulous on Memorial Day with a Spray Tan and Sugaring from L.A. Bikini

sugaring birmingham al Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of beach season and is traditionally thought of as the time to break out the warm weather wardrobe. That means it’s time for shorts, skirts, and swimsuits! There’s never been a better time to try spray tanning and sugaring at L.A. Bikini! Sugaring hair removal is the better alternative to waxing in Birmingham, providing a less painful and more effective and all natural hair removal method. Once you’ve sugared, finish off your look with a spray tan that will give you that gorgeous summertime glow to kick start your summer tan!

Start With Sugaring Hair Removal

The first step to looking great this Memorial Day is sugaring. Start by exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells. This reduces your chance of getting ingrown hairs or bumps after your sugaring hair removal. Next, schedule an appointment with L.A. Bikini, the ultimate source for sugaring in Birmingham! Sugaring is a great alternative to waxing for many reasons. First, it doesn’t have to be heated so there is no risk of burning your skin. Second, it’s water soluble so any extra left on your skin after you’re done just washes right off. With waxing it must be ripped off – ouch! Third, the sugar paste we use to remove unwanted hair sticks to the hair only, not the skin. Wax sticks to both the skin and hair, making it a more painful process. In short, sugaring is a much better choice to waxing in Birmingham and it is simply more effective. Less painful, better at removing hair, and completely natural? What more could you want!

Go for the Glow with Spray Tanning

Next, get a spray tan to give you that healthy glow. You always want to make sure you get your sugaring done first. Then, once the hair is removed, you can get the sun-kissed look you love! You will be rocking those shorts and skirts with your bronzed skin in record breaking time! Spray tanning is a much safer choice than tanning beds and tanning outdoors. Plus spray tanning doesn’t prematurely age your skin, the way tanning beds and sunbathing will. It is essential to remember that spray tanning will not protect you from UV rays of the sun; therefore, make sure you still wear sunscreen!

Roll Out the Warm Weather Wardrobe

Now that you’ve got those glamorous gams, it’s time to find the right outfit to go with them. If you’re going to a BBQ or outdoor soiree, try some of the latest fashion trends. High-wasted shorts are definitely in right now, along with short, flouncy floral patterned skirts. If you plan on spending some time at the beach or pool, consider one of the new retro style swimsuits. They are flattering on most any figure and give off a fun, flirty vibe!

Shoes to Seal the Deal

Last, but not least, find the right pair of shoes to complement your outfit. Going casual? Try some wedge sandals or a strappy style. Feel like dressing it up a bit? Go with a low peekaboo heel. Don’t forget your toes! Try a coral nail polish. If you are feeling more daring, go with a navy blue.

Make Sure You are Ready for Memorial Day – Book Online Now

Memorial Day is almost here! Book online with L.A. Bikini for spray tanning and sugaring hair removal, the better alternative to waxing in Birmingham!

Brazilian Waxing in Birmingham? Sugar is Better!

sugaring hair removal Tired of taking frequent trips to keep your Brazilian wax in tip-top shape?  Tired of the pain of waxing? We have great news: It doesn’t have to be so hard! Get your Brazilian style hair removal at L.A. Bikini in Birmingham!  We can achieve any look you want in a much more natural and less painful way…with sugar!

What is a Brazilian Wax?

If you haven’t already been subject to the pain of waxing your nether regions, you have at least heard of the term Brazilian wax. Brazilian women were the first to show off thong bikinis, thus, a Brazilian wax removes all the unwanted hair necessary to wear a thong.  At L.A. Bikini, we use sugar instead of wax, and we call a ‘Brazilian’ an ‘L.A. Bikini’. The L.A.Bikini removes all the hair from the front and back of your private areas, but a small strip can be kept if desired. If that is too much, you can try our Basic Bikini style that involves removing only the hair outside of your bikini line. Or try out our Partial L.A. Bikini that removes hair about an inch in past the bikini line. Whatever your preference, we have sugaring specialists to help you out and it is way better than traditional Brazilian waxing in Birmingham!

Why Get an L.A. Bikini – Sugaring

The Brazilian wax style is extremely popular, but comes at quite a cost. Sugaring is by far the safer, all-natural, and less painful option. L.A. Bikinis are achieved with a 100% all-natural sugar paste.  All waxes contain resins.  On top of resins, wax can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross! Bacteria can’t even survive in sugar! Additionally, our sugar paste is barely lukewarm while wax has to be applied while hot, risking burns and bruises. Finally, Brazilian waxing pulls against the grain of your hair, which can cause rashes and/or ingrown hairs. Who wants an ingrown hair down there? Nobody! With sugar, hair is removed by pulling in the natural direction of the hair follicle, guaranteeing a smoother and less painful finish. The difference between waxing and sugaring is undeniable – sugaring is simply better, less painful, more effective, safer, and completely natural!

L.A. Bikini – Hoover and Mountain Brook

Are you excited to get your Brazilian look the safest and least painful way possible? L.A. Bikini has you covered! We have two Birmingham locations you can choose from: Mountain Brook and Hoover. Ditch your old Birmingham Brazilian waxing ways – book an appointment for an L.A. Bikini today!

Bikini Waxing: Are You Ready For Spring Break?

bikini waxing - sugaring Spring Break is just around the corner, and now’s the time to make a plan of action to get the perfect beach-ready body. You all know that L.A. Bikini offers a wide range of sugaring (better than waxing!) and tanning services to suit your needs, so before you take off for a warm, week-long vacation, make sure you’re ready to bare a little skin! Below are a few suggestions to get you bikini ready for your spring break trip:

Exfoliate Your Skin

After a long, dry winter it’s important to exfoliate your skin with gentle solutions that won’t leave the area damaged. Removing dead skin cells before getting hair removed will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs as well as bumps and blemishes. Consider exfoliating with L.A. Bikini’s Saltspring™, our ultimate Dead Sea Salt exfoliate that’s perfect for calming, soothing, and detoxifying your skin.

Start Your Sugaring Hair Removal Routine Early

There are three cycles of hair growth and the goal is to get these cycles to overlap. Starting your body sugaring hair removal routine early will ensure you have even longer periods of smooth, hair-free skin for your spring break trips!

Sugar First, Spray Tan Second

What? Why should you get a spray tan if you’re headed to the beach for the real deal? So you won’t look like Edward Cullen on the first day. Also, your skin will tan for real underneath, so when the spray tan begins to fade it’ll reveal your natural, sun-kissed skin.

Hydrate Before, During, and After Your Trip

After ridding yourself of all that body hair, reveal clear and healthy-looking skin by hydrating (by drinking lots of water and eating tons of fruit), using film-free lotions, and applying products that will help lock in moisture. This process will leave your skin glowing! Following these tips you’ll have the perfect beach-ready body in no time! With spring break quickly approaching, book your appointment now! Our appointment slots will fill up quickly over the next couple of weeks.