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Mobile – East Shore Jubilee Festival – 29th and 30th September, 2019

    If you’re looking for a great day out for all the family in a pleasant and welcoming location, you should make a note in your calendar for the 29th and 30th of September. Those are the dates for this year’s East Shore Jubilee Festival, a fantastic event that celebrates its 30th year in 2019, and one that promises a lot of fun for all ages. Taking place across the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, among the pretty oak tree-lined roads of Olde Town Daphne, the event is a showcase for local artists and musicians, and there’s food in the mix too! Seafood is a local specialty around the bay, and you probably won’t find better options than that sold by the many vendors attending the East Shore Jubilee Festival.

Arts and Crafts

The East Shore Jubilee Festival is the perfect place to find those unusual and original Christmas and birthday presents you need to buy, as there will be more than 100 vendors displaying a variety of products such as jewelry and art, paintings and pottery, wood sculpture and a range of decorative items, some of which will be unique to the Festival. Vendors also get the chance to enter a competition for cash prizes. Also exhibiting their work will be children from the local high schools, with an art exhibition in the Jubilee Courtyard. While in the Kid’s Art Park, children can take part in a range of fun activities, including face painting, wood sculpting and hand print paintings, so parents can take a little time to themselves! It really is a great day out for everyone, young and old, and there’s more too!

Entertainment and World Food Championship

The Entertainment Stage will be the focal point of the Festival for many, as it will play host to many performers from the local area. Plus, you will be able to talk to some of the local craftsmen and women who are exhibiting about the show, and learn about how they go about their particular craft. If there’s a craft you’re interested in, this is a great opportunity to find a starting point. Olde Town Daphne is a place where there are many fine restaurants, cafes and bars to explore, and there will also be many food vendors within the Festival site. One of the main attractions will be the World Food Championships Qualifiers, which will  be held each day at 2 pm in Daphne City Hall. Chefs will compete in the Sandwich and Preferred Chef categories, with the winner in each getting an entry to the World Food Championships Finals! There are few events as varied and exciting as the East Shore Jubilee Festival, and the wonderfully welcoming city of Daphne is waiting to welcome you to its glorious Olde Town for a day out that will bring you fun, food and entertainment, and a chance to watch some of the top chefs from the region display their talents in a prestigious and important competition. We kept the best bit of info for the end – it’s a free event!

Don’t Miss the Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest 2019

Summer is the season for doing stuff together as a family, from wonderful places to visit through to exciting events to become involved in. Parents across the country will be looking through listings to find something suitable to fill up those holes in their schedule, and once in a while, an event comes up that promises to combine all the best things about a good day out. For parents in Alabama, there is plenty of choices in 2019. So, if you want a recommendation for what promises to be a truly exciting few days, check out Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest 2019, a music and fun festival taking places in Mobile, Alabama, starting on the 29th  of July through to the 3rd  of August. This year is the inaugural staging of what Mobile hopes will become a fixture on the summer festival circuit, and there really is something for everyone at this superb new event.

What’s going on at Mobchella?

The Port City of Mobile, Alabama, is one that offers visitors a friendly and inviting welcome. With some excellent restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, impressive parks and gardens, and historic interest throughout the area, there is plenty to enjoy here. Shopping is also great with some decent malls, so if you come to Mobile for Mobchella, there’s something to do when you want to take a break from the festival! It may be worth booking your hotel or other accommodations early though because this is bound to be a popular event with both visitors and locals. So, what can you expect to see at the Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest? The first Summer Fest in Mobile is focusing on combining music, love and health, while also promoting the very important topic of Childhood Health and Obesity Awareness. This theme will be continued through what will certainly be a fun and enjoyable event. Not only will live music be playing all through the festival – with some top bands and artists lined up to entertain the crowds – but there will be activities to get involved in, including a fun family fitness and sports day, a basketball game, a DJ Day that will take place in the beautiful park, and much more. The grand finale is being promoted as the ‘Mob Town Finale Bash’ and is sure to be the party to top them all. For visitors and locals alike, this is going to be a very popular festival.

Visitors from Local and Afar

The focus of Summer Fest is to promote the friendly and vibrant culture and vibe of the city of Mobile, a place that has a rich history, nearby beaches, great food and an amazing nightlife. This can be seen in the many buildings displaying colonial influences, and in the wide range of cuisine on offer throughout the city. If you have yet to visit Mobile, the Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy fine music, food and dancing, while exploring one of the most attractive coastal cities in the South.