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Best Yoga Studios in Mountain Brook, Alabama

Want to learn how the ancient practice of Yoga can benefit you in Mountain Brook? Check out our guide to the best Yoga Studios in the area, for unbeatable prices, services and experienced.

All About Yoga

Yoga has increased in popularity over the years! More people have been using it since the latter half of the 90s looking to improve their health and well-being. Whether you personally are looking to get into yoga to get to the body size and shape you want or are looking to increase your energy while reducing your stress levels, below you will find details of the best yoga studios in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Villager Yoga

Villager Yoga is owned and run by Annie Damsky who believes that the studio does not just belong to her and her fellow instructors, but the students too. Her and the studio’s aim is and always has been to make yoga available, accessible and welcoming to all. They base their success on the amount of brightness they can bring into the world and those who use the studio. With a choice of adult, kids, and family and prenatal postpartum yoga, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a class that suits you.

Conscious Body Healing Arts Center

The Conscious Body Healing Arts Center was established from the founder’s desire to help motivate and inspire people in the local area to take the trip towards inner peace. If you are looking to get the meditative and health benefits of yoga as well as take part in the more spiritual side of things, this center is the place for you. Its core values are Trust, Humility, Courage, Compassion and Connection.

The Yoga Circle

If you are looking to experience a traditional yoga studio, you should consider The Yoga Circle. You will find it sitting below the stunning Vulcan statue. They offer beginner’s yoga in very warm and comfortable rooms that can help to really unwind and get the best out of the experience. The classes they offer include Ashtanga, Basic Flow, Mysore, Hot Soul and Yoga Circle Flow 1 and 2 to name a few.

As you can see, you simply have no good excuse if you’ve always wanted to experience the benefits on both physical and mental health of yoga. There are a wide variety of great yoga studios in and around the Mountain Brook area.

Taste of Mountain Brook – September 15th, 2019

  If good food is your thing, the Taste of Mountain Brook festival is the event for you! Held this year on September 15th, Taste of Mountain Brook brings you food from many of the best restaurants in the city, so you can try their dishes in a friendly, lively atmosphere. This is a food-tasting event that is very popular, and it attracts locals as well as visitors from out of town. Does this sound like a date for your calendar? It’s a great family event that all ages can enjoy, and one that is easy to get to. Taste of Mountain Brook is now in its 5th year as the region’s premier food tasting event, and is designed to showcase the talents of local chefs and eateries to all. The event is held in the pleasant surroundings of Crestline Village and runs between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm on Sunday, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the sheer variety of food offered by Mountain Brook restaurants. What else can you expect? A lot of fun for you and the family!  

Local Cuisine

Taste of Mountain Brook will wow you with a vast array of culinary delights, and the festival draws on the multi-cultural nature of the region. Restaurants offering samples of their dishes include Davenports Pizza Place, which specializes in pizza and Italian food, plus Grille 29 for some stunning main meals, and the wonderful fare provided by Crestline Bagel Co, a local favorite with many people. Mexican food lovers should take samples from Taco Mama, while Piggly Wiggly will be on hand with a variety of food and drink for you to try. The whole event is deliberately short and sweet, so you can get around without using the full day, yet you will find that it is as enjoyable as any event, with friendly participants and local people involved in the organisation. It’s an opportunity for the restaurants in the town to come together and highlight their specific abilities, and you’ll go away amazed that there are so many fantastic eating places in town.  

Kids Entertainment

Kids Corner at Taste of Mountain Brook is the place to take the youngsters in the family, and you’ll find a variety of games to play and activities to indulge in that should keep all ages happy. There will also be live music and entertainment during the event, so if you want so sit back, relax and enjoy your samples, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so. The Taste of Mountain Brook festival is an annual delight, and as it’s always a very popular event so we strongly advise you book your tickets early. In fact, booking online gets you an early-bird discount on the ticket price for an individual, so you save $5. On the door price is $30 for one person, $60 for a family of 3 and $75 for a family of four – book online and you save $10 on the family tickets – and we think it is worth every cent for such an innovative event, so put the date in your calendar now.

Enjoy $3 Pint Night at La Paz of Mountain Brook, La Paz August 1st

  One of the great things about Birmingham, Alabama, is the multi-cultural influence on restaurants in and around the city. Whatever you fancy, whether it’s for an evening meal or a light lunch, there’s somewhere that will cater for you. For example, are you a fan of Mexican food? For many people in Birmingham, as well as visitors to the city, La Paz Restaurant of Mountain Brook is the place to go, and lays claim to being ‘Birmingham’s Best Mexican for 28 Years and Counting’ – and like many satisfied regular customers, we can see why it remains the leading Mexican restaurant in the city.

Special Offers

While the menu is one of classic Mexican dishes that will have lovers of that cuisine eager to eat – think nachos with ground beef, Arizona chicken and much more – the drinks menu is also one to savor, and we doubt you’ll get a better Margarita than those served at La Paz. Plus, there’s local beer selections from Birmingham’s top craft breweries that you should check out if you’re just in town on a visit. Then there are the legendary special events, evenings on which you can get discounts on your favorite dishes, and special drink deals that bring people in from all over the region. For example, does $3 a pint interest you? That’s the price on the evening of August 1st, so if you’re looking for somewhere to go for a night out and have that date free, it’s well worth making a note of it!

Tacos Galore!

If you’re a taco lover – and who isn’t – this staple of Mexican cuisine is a specialty of La Paz. Choose from Baja Fish Tacos, a fabulous dish with grilled fish and all the trimmings, or a taco basket with traditional beef or chicken filling. Other favorites include street tacos, prepared in the way you’d expect from a Mexican taco street vendor, and many more. So, when you head to La Paz for the $3 a pint evening, make sure you get hold of the taco menu for that authentic Mexican meal you love the most. You can check the menu online at their website or download more dishes if you want to see the extras they serve, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Gift Cards

Here’s a great idea if you’re stuck for a gift idea for a lover of Mexican food: buy them a La Paz gift card! Available from $10 up to $100, you can select the value you want to give to your friend or loved one, and they can enjoy a fabulous Mexican meal at one of the very best Mexican restaurants in Birmingham, La Paz. There’s a reason people who eat at La Paz choose to come back. The food is invariably excellent, the staff is friendly, and the service great. The restaurant has an enjoyable atmosphere as well and is sure to be popular when the next $3 pint night comes around. Make sure you put it in your calendar, and you can look forward to a night of great food, cheap beer and excellent company, in one of the finest restaurants in town.  

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