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Where to Buy Local Honey in Charlotte, NC

Honey not only tastes delicious with bread, yogurt or in warm beverages, but also features a plethora of health benefits. In our helpful guide, find out the best places to buy local honey in Charlotte, NC

Honey is not only a great addition to sweeten up meals and beverages, but the source of many health benefits. It can help fight against colds and allergies, has antioxidants that can lower your blood pressure, as well as improve your cholesterol and is better for diabetics than sugar. Thinking of allergies, such as pollen and hay fever, one of the best ways to combat those afflictions is by using honey sourced from the local area.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, there are some great places to buy sweet and tasty local honey. In the following guide we’ve highlighted several them.

Charlotte Local Honey

The owners of Charlotte Local Honey began keeping honeybees back in 2001 and they sell a full range of local honey products. Including pint jars and pound jars of their delicious and fresh Wildflower honey along with their curious and tasty creamed honeys. The pride themselves in taking a natural approach to their beekeeping and feel that not only do the bees benefit from it, but so does the resulting honey.

Atherton Market at Atherton Mill

Atherton Market first opened in 2010 at the newly renovated Trolley barn space of the Atherton Mill close to the upmarket side of Charlotte. This is a market that offers you the chance to buy a wide range of Piedmont region-sourced items such as roasted nuts, pickles, chocolate, coffee, flowers and of course, honey among many other items.

Herb’s Honey

Herb’s Honey is a local business that has been keeping bees since 2005. From just hobby beekeepers, they have evolved into an enterprise that involves 600 different colonies of bees, producing honey from 7 counties. The honey that is produced is 100% local and natural and originates from nectar sources on restricted private property, including wildflowers and clovers to name just two. Flowers that are only found in the Carolina’s.

If you are on the lookout for good quality, 100% natural honey from a local source in Charlotte, any of the above options would get you what you want. We especially like Herb’s Honey because of their very humble beginnings and the way it has really expanded over the years. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some local Charlotte honey!