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Fall Football Means Fall Fashion

Fall is here, and that means two things: fashion and football! Whether you’re a couch-and-pizza type of fan or a season ticket holder, you can be the trendiest chick at the tailgate! Follow these simple tips to being the most fashionable fan this fall football season.

#1: Team colors are a touchdown.

Sugaring Hair RemovalSupporting your team is the name of the game, so show off those team colors. Find new ways to implement the colors into your wardrobe, and keep it interesting. Solid dresses, colorful pants, jackets, and vests are a good place to start. If you are a bit more conservative or would like to keep it subtle and classy, try neutral outfits with a pop of color. Scarves, hats, and shoes that team colors are a great way to support your team within your personal style. You don’t have to be at the game to look gameday ready. Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, your attire will not go unnoticed. At the bars or at the game, you don’t have to be decked out in bright yellow and green from head to toe. Keep your eye out for garments that include your specific team color combo. For example, if you’re an Alabama fan, a houndstooth dress with red trimming would be a perfect find!

#2: Keep comfortable.

Whether you’re heading to a bar, a tailgating party, or the game itself, you will most likely be on your feet all day. Heels may be a penalty. Opt for something more comfortable like a cute pair of booties or sandals. In the South especially, cowboy boots are a good go-to. A dress with cowboy boots and accessories in your team colors is a sure-fire score. Depending on where you live, weather is likely to be a bit chilly in the fall. However, humidity and wind are location dependent. Try jeans with long sleeves and a vest during the winter. Shift dresses with scarves are a great way to look stylish, stay comfortable, and still show off those smooth legs on those warmer days.

#3: Be classy and sassy.

No one ever said you can’t look cute as a sports fan. You want to stay away from unflattering jerseys, but who’s to say you can’t rock a skirt and high-fashion sandals with your designer shades and a classy, elegant top? Dressing up for football events is particularly popular in the South. Even if your team isn’t killing it on the field, you’ll be killing it in the stands and at the tailgate in outfits designed for the runway. Don’t be afraid to dress it up a bit for those sultry Southern nights.

Book Online Today and Get Your Perfect Tan

Enjoy the last of this beautiful weather, and score big with a spray tan from L.A. Bikini. Get the personalized treatment you deserve with a custom spray tan today. Book online at L.A. Bikini and find out what all the buzz is about!

Becky’s Home Waxing Story: How Not To Spend a Friday Night

Waxing in Birmingham Let’s just get right to it: It all began with the idea that I needed to do a little grooming in preparation for bathing suit season. Of course, the first step is removing all the unwanted hair that comes with being a female in this day and age, where even the most conservative of bathing suits shows an excessive amount of skin near our nether region. I had been in beauty school and had waxed a number of peoples’ faces. I reflected on how I had waxed undesired hair from their upper lips, chins and eyebrows. Heck, I had even waxed my own eyebrows! I could definitely do this, right? (Wrong!) Sure, when it comes to waxing the pain is just tolerable enough to endure in comparison to the time and pain that came with having to pluck 3x as often. And let’s face it, down there I am not plucking anything! If the waxing pain was bearable enough on the face, why NOT give my bikini line the kind of attention and care it deserved? I could surely swallow a few minutes of discomfort to enjoy up to a month of hair-free bikini bliss…right?! I went to the grocery store and picked up a home waxing kit with blind enthusiasm. At home, I unboxed the product and took a look at myself in the mirror. Still feeling a bit neurotic I started giving myself a pep talk: I am fierce. I am strong! I am BRAVE!  I AM WOMAN! Let’s just say, the pep talk was more than convincing. I heated up that wax and slapped in on my bikini line without skipping a beat. I wasn’t sure how long the false bravado would withstand, so I went ahead and put the wax on both sides of my bikini line at once. What a very, very bad idea! With my prior knowledge of waxing, I was very aware of how important is was to hold the skin taut while ripping off the muslin. Sitting on the corner of my bathtub, half undressed, with wax in my most private of areas, I began to experiment with all sorts of awkward positions to try and make my skin as firm as possible. No position felt perfect, so I settled on the best option: sitting on the tub, one hand on the other side for balance, and one foot propped way up on the sink. Leaning forward to grab the muslin, I feel my skin loosen a bit, but I know this is as good as it gets, and I go for it. The exact moment of removal is a blur, but I’m sure it came with nothing less than a high pitched scream, some tears, and perhaps a few profanities. Coming to, I look down to see my inner most thigh completely unrecognizable: red, swollen and bloody (yes, freaking blood!). Realizing I still had one more strip to go was one of the most harrowing moments of my life. I had no choice but to continue on with the torture and it was a real life nightmare. Ladies (and men!) take it from me, waxing is NEVER worth it. Three hours, a few Advil, and a glass of wine wasn’t enough to help me recover from the horror I had faced. Let’s just say I resolved to not only never try home waxing again, but also to stay far away from waxing that part of my body, period! Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me to sugaring hair removal and my life (well, my bikini hair removal aspect of my life at least) has never been the same! My recommendation? Stay away from wax! Instead, give sugaring a shot. Sugaring is truly the better option when it comes to long lasting hair removal and far less pain!

Have You Read Mary’s Waxing Horror Story Yet?

Waxing BirminghamIf you haven’t read Mary’s story yet, you have to check it out. It’s incredible funny and something we can all relate to when it comes to home waxing. Click here to read “Mary’s Story: My Worst Waxing Fiasco”

Valentine’s Day – Stop Waxing! Get Sugared!

Valentine’s Day is the season of love, romance, and more love. L.A. Bikini would love to help you prepare for this special holiday. Why not surprise that special someone in your life with hair removal and a nice tan? No one’s better at uncovering the real, beautiful you than L.A. Bikini. Our skin care professionals are experts in the art of sugaring hair removal, which makes us your ultimate solution for smooth skin this Valentine’s Day.

Choose LA Bikini for Sugaring Hair Removal

Come in and let us take care of that unwanted hair! We offer a wide range of sugaring options, from face, to legs and arms, and to the bikini area. You will definitely be satisfied with the results!

What to Know Before You Book Your Appointment

To make sure those amazing results last, we ask that you avoid using perfumed soaps or chemical irritants on a sugared area within a day of your treatment. Also, avoid exposing your skin to the sun or sun lamps!

The Perfect Complement to Sugaring – Spray Tanning!

We’re aware that Valentine’s Day comes at basically the palest time of year. Fortunately, we have you covered! Many women feel sexier when they’re sun kissed – but tanning beds are pretty awful for your skin in the long run.  We have professional spray tanning services that leave you looking magnificent, giving you the beautiful glow you desire. Our team of specialists gently applies our organic spray tan solution to color your skin, leaving you looking your best and feeling wonderful. In just minutes, you can have a tanned, youthful appearance – one that lasts for five to ten days from your first application.

Book Now! Space is Limited

What are you waiting for? February 14th is almost here and as Valentine’s Day approaches our appointment schedule will quickly fill up. Call us or book an appointment today at one of our two locations in Hoover and Mountain Brook or book online.

Why Are You Still Waxing? | Birmingham Sugaring

For those of you who have already visited LA Bikini, you already know there’s a huge difference between waxing and sugaring. Still, most people tend to put them in the same category because they are somewhat similar in that they both remove hair from the root. However, waxing and sugaring are very different when it comes to an important aspect: pain!

Sugaring vs Waxing Hair Removal

Hair removal is usually achieved by three different methods: hard wax, soft wax, and now sugaring. There has been a long-running debate over which is better. We’re here to clear up any confusion, showing you why sugaring is better than waxing hair removal.

waxing in birminghamSoft Wax and Hard Wax

Hard wax and soft wax have different properties that make them ideal for different parts of the body. Soft wax is the warm, thin wax that gets covered by a muslin strip that is then pulled away quickly by an aesthetician. Hard wax is the warm, thick wax that that goes on without a muslin strip, is allowed to cool, and then pulled off. What most people neglect to factor into this process is the pain! Both hard and soft waxes adhere to live skin in addition to the hair. The result? When you rip away the wax you’re also ripping at the skin. Ouch!

Sugaring Hair Removal – The Best Option

Sugaring is pretty similar to traditional waxing except that the ingredients are better for your skin and there is less pain. Waxes are made primarily of resins and contain artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives. On the other hand, sugaring is made up of all natural food-grade ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, water and sometimes essential oils. Because of its composition, the sugaring paste is water-soluble, meaning you can wash it off with water. This isn’t the same story for wax, which needs to be removed with a special wax remover or baby oil. Furthermore, our sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells (unlike waxing hair removal). Therefore, the entire hair removal process is much less painful when you choose sugar over wax. Given these facts, it’s easy to see that sugaring is the best option for you. Don’t bother with painful waxing ever again! Instead, choose sugaring hair removal! Learn more about sugaring hair removal on our FAQ page or book an appointment today!

Why Sugaring is Better than Waxing | Birmingham, Alabama

sugaring in birmingham Looking for an alternative – and better – solution to waxing? Then look no further! Now, there is a better way to remove hair that is far less painful than waxing and is simply better. What is this amazing new hair removal solution? It’s called sugaring. L.A. Bikini is Birmingham’s only exclusive provider of sugaring. We believe so strongly that our all-natural sugar paste is so much better than waxing that we simply do not even offer waxing in our shops anymore. Benefits of Sugaring Over Waxing There are incredible benefits to sugaring over waxing and below are a few of the most popular ones:
  • Less painful than waxing
  • More effective than waxing
  • Eliminates and prevent ingrown hair
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Removes hair in the natural direction of hair growth
Plus, sugaring offers a completely natural – even edible – solution to removing unwanted hair. Sugaring Can Lead to Permanency In fact, we even have a hair removal plan called our Savvy Girl membership. The goal? Permanency! That’s right – a permanent hair removal option that does not involve invasive treatments or laser hair removal. This six-month membership provides the quickest and most effective way of permanently reducing hair growth. Check out our Savvy Girl membership page to learn more about this amazing opportunity. Book Your Appointment Today L.A. Bikini has two sugaring locations in the Birmingham area (more coming soon!). One is in Patton Creek and the other is in Mountain Brook. You can click here to Book Online or you can call us to schedule an appointment.