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Perks of Being a Savvy Girl

Perks of Being a Savvy Girl

At L.A. Bikini, we’re all about helping you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. Our sugaring hair removal treatments are ideal for achieving the silky-smooth skin you desire without the sting of waxing or the aftermath (razor burn!) of shaving. If you’re thinking about switching up your hair-removal and skin-care routine, try sugaring, we offer a Savvy Girl membership package to help you get the most of your sugaring hair-removal experience!

What’s Included with the Savvy Girl Membership Package?

Our Savvy Girl package is a six-month membership; for just $70 per month, you’ll enjoy unlimited Savvy Girl L.A. Bikini’s and the ability to come in as frequently as once a week for your sugaring hair-removal treatment. As you enjoy your regular treatments with us, you’ll find not only that your skin feels smoother than ever before, but that you may be able to go longer in between treatments as hair regrowth slows down.

After your six-month membership expires, you can then enjoy a pay-as-you-go approach with your sugaring sessions at just $35 each, which is a savings of more than 50% off the non-member rate!

Overall, the Savvy Girl membership is a great option for those who are committed to seeing a reduction in hair growth all while achieving beautiful, glowing skin through sugaring hair-removal treatments. With this membership, you can schedule treatments as often as once a week if you desire. This membership is also wonderful for savvy girls who are looking to get the smooth skin they desire at an affordable price!

To find out more about Savvy Girl memberships and learn more about membership options, check out our website. You can also view our locations, book your next appointment online, and find out more about sugaring hair removal!

Sugaring Self-Care

Sugaring Self-Care When was the last time you did something for yourself? If you’re like many busy ladies, it’s probably been awhile. Still, self-care is important not only for your physical health, but for your mental and emotional well-being. An act of self-care can be something as simple as taking the time to trim and file your nails, or it can be as extravagant as going to get your hair done at your favorite salon. Now, think about how much time you spend shaving on a weekly basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of that time back while still being able to enjoy silky smooth skin? With sugaring, you can say “goodbye” to shaving for good; sugaring hair removal involves the use of a gentle and exfoliating sugar-based paste that not only removes hair, but cleans the follicle of debris while conditioning and exfoliating the skin. The end result is smooth, radiant skin with minimal discomfort or risk of ingrown hair. If you’re looking for a new way to practice self-care, consider giving sugaring hair removal a try for yourself. Frequent sugaring weakens the hair follicle and reduces hair growth, keeping that skin glowing for days! Think of how much time you’ll save in your daily routine. That’s time you can use to do things you truly enjoy, like getting ready for your next vacation or hitting the gym.   Stop sacrificing your time for traditional shaving! Get sugared and see the difference for yourself. We’re sure you’ll never want to go back to your razor! And of course, pampering yourself with a sugaring appointment is a great way to exercise some much deserved self-care.

Don’t Be Salty, Get Sugared!

Since as far back as 1900 BCE, the art of sugaring has passed down through the generations, making life a little bit sweeter for those in the know. And you can benefit, too. With this natural and effective full body hair removal technique, you can ready yourself for all your most important events. Make the most of your dream vacation, graduation and more by choosing sugaring for all your hair removal needs. Here’s all you need to know about this rather practical artform.  

The Sweet Deets on Sugaring

Your hair removal professionals at my LA Bikini use a specialized sugar paste to effectively, yet gently, remove body hair. The natural and water-soluble paste removes hair on the face, body and even along the bikini area. No matter the areas you want treated, your skilled Sugarists apply the paste against the grain, and then remove in the natural direction of hair growth. This helps minimize pain while increasing the effectiveness of the hair removal process.

Ways Getting Sugared Beats Waxing

When it comes to getting rid of body hair, waxing is effective – almost too effective, in fact. Wax tends to go far beyond hair removal to also taking a bit of skin along with it. The removal of the top layer of skin can feel painful and irritating, at best. This becomes especially bothersome as the treatment continues, as the wax is applied hot.

With sugaring, the warm paste does not adhere to the skin so completely, allowing its swift removal with only body hair attached. Sugar also exfoliates the skin, which makes you feel fresh, smooth, and silky. The gentle sugar leaves your skin intact and refreshed, rather than red and irritated. With the gentle removal of your body hair, sugaring can even help relieve skin conditions, such as ingrown hairs, psoriasis, and keratosis.

Perfect Moments for Hair Removal with Sugaring

As you prepare for your special occasions, DIY body hair removal can take up a significant amount of time, money and effort. And what you put into the process does not always guarantee awesome results. Choosing sugaring at LA Bikini can help you get ready for all the big events in life without all the fuss. You can breeze through getting ready for weddings, graduation, vacations and more by embracing this artform as your body hair removal technique of choice.

You do not have to wait for your next special occasion to experience the benefits of sugaring, however. Sugaring can optimize your day-to-day self-care routines. Your Sugarists at LA Bikini will remove all your unwanted hair, revealing smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Schedule Your Visit to Get Sugared at My LA Bikini

If you are ready to experience this time-honored hair removal technique, reach out to your local LA Bikini studio to book an appointment. You can also schedule your visit using the online form for your preferred location. To make sugaring a regular part of your skin care routine, sign up for a Savvy Girl membership. By joining, you will receive awesome discounts, including unlimited Brazilians, or as we like to call them, LA Bikinis.

Don’t Stress About Smooth Skin This Summer – Sugar Now!

Sugar Hair Removal Get Ready For A Smooth Summer Want silky smooth skin all summer long? Of course you do! Sugaring for hair removal can eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs, treat skin problems, and improve your overall skin tone and texture. Our sugaring paste is 100% natural, giving your skin the healthy ingredients it needs in order to stay fresh and smooth. What Makes Sugaring So Sweet? Regular sugaring treatments help permanently reduce hair growth. Using sugar for hair removal is beneficial because sugaring removes hair that is fully intact as opposed to waxing which breaks off your hair. Your skin is your biggest organ, meaning it deserves the best care. Our sugaring paste is completely natural, water-soluble and 100% free of harmful chemicals, treating your skin the way it should be. Unlike waxing, sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells. Instead, it gently exfoliates dead skins cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin. But the benefits don’t stop there! Regular sugaring helps maintain smooth skin all year long. Frequent sugaring weakens the hair follicle and reduces hair growth, keeping that skin glowing for the summer days! Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hair And Hello To The New Smooth! For only $70 a month, our Savvy Girl members get unlimited LA Bikinis for 6 months. This makes hair removal hassle free and long term! Once you’ve spent 6 months with us, you become a lifetime member. This allows you to pay-as needed for you LA Bikinis at a special lifetime member prices. You will have smooth skin for days and on! Not ready for the Savvy Girl membership? Our LA Bikini membership is just $43 a month and allows you to get one LA Bikini sugar treatment per month! This also comes with special discounts on our other services. Plus, when you fall in love with our sugar, you can upgrade to the full-service Savvy Girl membership. Add some sugar to your routine and keep that skin silky smooth this summer with our all-natural sugaring process. Get in touch with your local sugaring studio today and book your sugaring sesh!

Make Your Skin Glow With These Beauty Tips

Flawless skin goes beyond hair removal Your skin is your largest organ, which means that it requires the most attention and the best care. Sugaring treats the skin with care by diminishing unwanted hairs and works great on sensitive skin. To keep your skin glowing and feeling smooth after your sugaring sesh, here are are some simple and smooth skin care methods to keep your skin looking flawless and healthy. 4 Routines To The Better Smooth We recommend the Full-Circle Skin Conditioning™ as the ultimate routine for keeping your skin looking it’s best! Each of our sugaring studios follows this four-routine treatment that is specially designed to keep your skin fresh and glowing. To begin, we suggest sugaring sessions every two weeks for the best results. After you have started your passage into the all natural sugaring hair removal, you can move onto routine two and three. These two routines comprise of using our favorite Saltspring™ and Mud Puddle™ skin products two to three times a week. Saltspring™ is an all-natural exfoliant that helps maintain that effortlessly smooth skin while managing the blemishes and ingrown hairs. At the same time, Mud Puddle™, is a mineral-rich Hungarian mud that boosts skin texture and treats facial blemishes, keeping your skin looking and feeling refreshed. These two work hand-in-hand to keep your skin soft and silky in-between sugaring sessions. The final routine in our Full-Circle Skin Conditioning™ is Phenomen-all™, our #1 bestseller for treating ingrown hairs and skin problems. This one-stop product is there to prevent ingrown hairs, hydrating your skin and alleviating the skin to help smooth out stretch marks and scars. Phenomen-all™ is to be used one to two times a day as needed. Say goodbye to dry, damaged skin! Promote Healthy Skin Through a Healthy Diet Maintaining healthy skin goes beyond just the sugaring studio and skincare products. In order to achieve the smooth, glowing skin you desire, a healthy diet and staying hydrated are also necessary to keep your skin happy and healthy. Having a mixed, balanced diet that incorporates antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, along with healthy fats from oily fish and nuts, have all the nutrients that are the recipe for radiant skin. Additionally, staying hydrated eliminates toxins in your body and skin, keeping your skin more flexible and resilient. With these tips and skin care methods, your skin will be left flawlessly soft and silky. Savvy Girls Know Best L.A. Bikini also offers a membership for the “Savvy Girls” out there for only $70 a month! This membership offers unlimited LA Bikinis, and after six months, you no longer need a membership! Instead, you become a lifetime member and can pay as-needed for your LA Bikinis at lifetime member prices. Ready for smooth skin that makes you feel like royalty? Contact us today to book your sugar sesh!