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Make Smooth The Look Of Summer

LA Bikini - Body Sugaring Services

From Basic To LA

The days of saying “ouch!” are over. Instead, our body sugaring services provide a less painful alternative to waxing that not only removes hair at the bikini line and bikini area, but permanently reduces hair growth altogether. Instead of dealing with the painful side effects of waxing, our sugaring service will leave your skin healthy and smooth without irritation or burns! Are you ready to give sugar a try? At L.A. Bikini, we offer a variety of body sugaring services to help remove unwanted hair from your head to your toes. Summer is officially here, and for many of us the most important thing on our minds is hitting the pool or the beach. The best way to strut your summer look is to come in for one of our “bikini” sugaring services. We offer three different varieties to help you get the smooth you want depending on your preference: Basic Bikini – Keep it simple with our basic bikini service, which only removes hair outside the bikini line. Partial LA Bikini – Not ready to go all the way and get a full LA Bikini? No problem! Try our partial service, which removes hair 1-2’ inside the bikini line. LA Bikini – The LA Bikini is our version of the Brazilian, and it’s our signature service! This will remove hair from the entire bikini line, front to back. Our Savvy Girls know best when it comes to smooth skin, because they receive unlimited LA Bikinis with their memberships. Sound like something you might be interested in? Contact us to learn more about becoming a member!

The Sweeter Side Of Hair Removal

At L.A. Bikini, we’re proud to offer a natural way to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body. Our sugaring paste is completely natural, water soluble, & 100% free of harmful chemicals! Sugar paste hair removal is safe and natural, never painful or harsh. It doesn’t result in side effects like ingrown hairs and pain, and it leaves you with smooth, lovely skin that is beautiful and soft to the touch. Instead of having hot wax poured on you (which can burn delicate skin!), our sugar paste goes on at room temperature, leaving your skin silky smooth instead of irritated and burned. Unlike waxing, sugaring doesn’t adhere to live skin cells. Instead, it gently exfoliates your dead skin cells when removed, leaving smooth, touchable skin.

Show Your Skin Some Love

Want to have smooth, beautiful skin that’s free from unwanted hair? Contact the location nearest you to book your own sugaring sesh. Once you try sugar, you’ll never go back to wax – we promise!

We Want to Meet Your Squad! Refer Your Friends to Try the New Smooth

L.A. Bikini Memberships Are you always looking fierce and getting compliments on how flawless your skin looks? Whether it’s by the pool, in your favorite LBD, or you’re dressed to kill in your favorite pair of shorts, you know that having smooth skin is just a way of life. Why not let your squad in on the secret? Refer your friends to L.A. Bikini during the month of March (2017) and if they sign up for either one of our membership options — you can reap the benefits! For every member you refer you’ll receive a free skin care kit! Our travel kit helps your skin stay healthy after sugaring with products that help to exfoliate, detoxify and soften your already smooth skin. The new I Love My Skin kit helps to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin. Either way your skin will benefit from some extra love post-sugaring!

If They Ask, “What’s Sugaring?”

Need help explaining sugaring to your friends? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our sugaring 101!  Sugaring is the all-natural and less painful hair removal alternative to waxing. Instead of dealing with burns, damaged cells and irritation — the sugaring hair removal process is less harsh than waxing and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go. At L.A. Bikini, sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of hair growth (this helps to not cause unnecessary pain and discomfort). By applying the sugar paste with the grain of hair growth, sugaring removes hair less painfully and actually helps to permanently reduce hair growth! How sweet is that?

Savvy Girls Wanted

Ready to get your sugar on? We offer two membership options for those who want to enjoy perfectly smooth skin by sugar. The L.A Bikini membership is the perfect way to experience the benefits of hair removal by sugaring. Our L.A. Bikini members get one LA Bikini sugar service per month, along with discounts on other services (including spray tans!). This is the perfect membership to start your sugaring obsession. Once you get a taste of the new smooth, you’ll want to go all-in with our full-service Savvy Girl membership. Our Savvy Girl membership is the quickest and most effective way to permanently reduce hair growth by sugaring. Over time you’ll experience smooth skin like never before, and notice that you’ll require less frequent treatments. Savvy Girls also can stay smooth with unlimited L.A. Bikini services! Once your six-month membership is over, you are considered a lifetime member! Know someone who is ready to try to new smooth? Have them come into one of our studio locations to try sugar! *Referral offer valid for new guests referred by current members. Offer valid in the month of March 2017 only.

Savvy Girls Know Best. Are You In The Know?

labikini savvy girl memebership You’re already on your way to beautiful, smooth skin. You’ve discovered that sugaring is perfect for you, and you’d never go back to waxing. However, are you taking full advantage of all that L.A. Bikini has to offer? We want to talk about our Savvy Girl Membership and tell you why this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

What Is Savvy Girl?

Our Savvy Girl Membership is the quickest and most effective way to permanently reduce hair growth with sugaring. Not only will you notice how smooth your skin feels, but you’ll notice that over time you’ll require fewer hair removal treatments. Our Savvy Girl members can come in once every two weeks for treatment or as frequently as once a week if you’d like, it’s up to you!  

Only Six Months And You Become A Lifetime Member!

When you make sugaring a part of your beauty routine, you won’t only enjoy smooth skin, but you’ll also notice that after you start getting regular treatments, you’ll eventually require fewer treatments over time! That’s why after six months of the Savvy Girl Membership, you’re out of a contract and become a lifetime member and are free to come in for treatment as needed while only paying $35 per LA Bikini session, plus save up to 50% for non-Savvy girl appointments! That means you’ll be spending less time and money on getting treatments, and more time enjoying all of the things that you love to do!  

Unlimited LA Bikini’s

Our signature service, the LA Bikini — the alternative to the Brazilian —not only removes hair at the bikini line and bikini area, but also permanently reduces hair growth. One of the best benefits of our Savvy Girl membership is that it includes unlimited LA Bikini’s! Don’t worry, you read that right – unlimited! However, we do recommend getting at least two per month for best results.    

Visit L.A. Bikini Today!

Whether you’re looking to remove hair along the bikini line (we refer to Brazilian hair removal as an LA Bikini) or anywhere else, sugar paste hair removal provides a less painful waxing alternative and helps to permanently reduce hair growth. Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits of sugaring hair removal? We’re here to help you achieve the beautiful, smooth skin that you’ve always wanted! Book your appointment today at any of our four locations.

Join the L.A. Bikini Team

Hiring2L.A. Bikini is looking for a Licensed Cosmetologist eager to learn the craft of “body sugaring,” which is the art of hair removal using a proprietary sugar paste that’s user (and customer) friendly. LA Bikini is looking for people who are ambitious and eager to learn new things. We are a growing business and want people who are team oriented and hard working. LA Bikini is expanding and taking the lead providing the best quality hair removal services available. If you are looking for new challenges and want to work for a business who recognizes and rewards hard work we would love to talk to you about the position we have available. We offer very competitive wages and opportunities for growth you may have not had access to in the past.

Job Duties:

  • Perform hair removal by using L.A. Bikini’s specialized sugar paste – all while promoting the benefits of regular and frequent hair removal. (training provided)
  • Conduct spray tan services. (training provided)
  • Create an excellent experience for members/guests by offering a friendly and helpful attitude.
  • Generate new clientele by promoting memberships and additional services.
  • Generate strong retail sales by promoting the benefits of L.A. Bikini products.
  • Assist front desk by answering calls, booking appointments, conducting retail and membership sales and by promoting the LA Bikini brand.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Position requirements:

  • Must adhere to local and state licensing laws and regulations.
  • Must be customer service oriented and able to communicate effectively with clients, management and sales staff.
  • Able to work flexible days and hours
Interested? Contact the Hoover or Mountain Brook location today!  

Keep Smooth Skin All Winter Long

smooth skin for the winterGone are the long days of sundresses, shorts, and sun-kissed skin. Winter has set in, and whipping winds, dry air, and chilly temperatures can really do a number on your beautiful, soft skin. Don’t worry – we have you covered! Here are a few tips for you to prevent chapping, redness, itching, and keep skin more healthy and comfortable this season. Moisturize This one’s a must! The dry, cold air will suck all the moisture out of your skin and leave you feeling dry and scaly. To avoid this, you should apply lotion immediately after a warm shower to help lock in moisture and keep skin soft and smooth. The type of moisturizer matters as well! Choose products that are oil-based instead of water-based, as it will nourish skin from the inside and help balance natural oil production. L.A. Bikini has just what you need! Phenomen-all™ is a super-hydrating lotion that works well for all skin types. A tiny drop of Phenomen-all added to body lotion or and your facial moisturizer will ensure your skin receives the hydration it needs this winter. And for those who need something stronger, just use Phenomen-all as a moisturizer all by itself! It’s perfect for combating dry skin – just make sure to really massage it into the skin so that it’s absorbed well. Learn more about Phenomen-all. Exfoliate Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and reveals newer, healthier-looking skin. Sugaring is a safe, gentle, and effective exfoliate that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. You can get Dead Sea Salt exfoliate at L.A. Bikini in Mountain Brook or Hoover! We recommend exfoliating your skin two to three times per week for the best skin texture you’ve ever had. Spray Tan Unless you’re lucky enough to be headed on a tropical vacation, most of us won’t be soaking up the rays for a few more months. Do you miss that bronzed, sun-kissed look that makes you seem as if you just spent a week at the beach? Do you want a light to deep caramel color not just during the summer, but all year round? If so, spray tanning is for you! L.A. Bikini offers professional spray tanning services that leave you looking magnificent from the first treatment on. In just minutes, you can have a tanned, youthful appearance, one that lasts for five to ten days from your first application. Don’t let winter get the best of you this year – with our products and services from L.A. Bikini, you can maintain radiant, healthy skin all year round! Also, make sure to book your appointment for the best sugaring in Birmingham at L.A. Bikini in Hoover or Mountain Brook. Learn more about sugaring on our FAQ page or call us today at (205) 637-1128.