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Savvy Girls Know Best. Are You In The Know?

labikini savvy girl memebership You’re already on your way to beautiful, smooth skin. You’ve discovered that sugaring is perfect for you, and you’d never go back to waxing. However, are you taking full advantage of all that L.A. Bikini has to offer? We want to talk about our Savvy Girl Membership and tell you why this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

What Is Savvy Girl?

Our Savvy Girl Membership is the quickest and most effective way to permanently reduce hair growth with sugaring. Not only will you notice how smooth your skin feels, but you’ll notice that over time you’ll require fewer hair removal treatments. Our Savvy Girl members can come in once every two weeks for treatment or as frequently as once a week if you’d like, it’s up to you!  

Only Six Months And You Become A Lifetime Member!

When you make sugaring a part of your beauty routine, you won’t only enjoy smooth skin, but you’ll also notice that after you start getting regular treatments, you’ll eventually require fewer treatments over time! That’s why after six months of the Savvy Girl Membership, you’re out of a contract and become a lifetime member and are free to come in for treatment as needed while only paying $35 per LA Bikini session, plus save up to 50% for non-Savvy girl appointments! That means you’ll be spending less time and money on getting treatments, and more time enjoying all of the things that you love to do!  

Unlimited LA Bikini’s

Our signature service, the LA Bikini — the alternative to the Brazilian —not only removes hair at the bikini line and bikini area, but also permanently reduces hair growth. One of the best benefits of our Savvy Girl membership is that it includes unlimited LA Bikini’s! Don’t worry, you read that right – unlimited! However, we do recommend getting at least two per month for best results.    

Visit L.A. Bikini Today!

Whether you’re looking to remove hair along the bikini line (we refer to Brazilian hair removal as an LA Bikini) or anywhere else, sugar paste hair removal provides a less painful waxing alternative and helps to permanently reduce hair growth. Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits of sugaring hair removal? We’re here to help you achieve the beautiful, smooth skin that you’ve always wanted! Book your appointment today at any of our four locations.

2 Proven Ways to Get Healthier Skin and Hair

Waxing in Birmingham We all want healthy skin and hair. Many of us would kill for the flawless, glowing skin and impeccable hair that we see on our favorite celebrities. But how do we get that? How can we possibly get that look and result for ourselves without being celebrities? Believe it or not, there are two proven ways you can improve the look and health of your hair and your skin using tried-and-true techniques and nutrients. Here’s more must-have information to look even better than you do now.

Water: the Way to Glowing Skin

Ashy, dry skin is not fun. Neither is acne. Is there a solution? Many celebrities claim flawless, healthy skin comes from drinking lots of water. Can we take their word for it? There are not many studies done to examine the effects of water consumption on skin health, because water is not a commodity cosmetology companies can bottle up and put on the market. However, most dermatologists claim that water does make a difference. Proper water intake causes skin to look fuller, pores to look smaller, and wrinkles to be less obvious. Why? Properly hydrated skin is simply healthier than dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is more prone to acne and leaves pores and wrinkles unfilled. Without water your skin is more likely to become dry and irritated. Beyond the simple science of it, collagen in your skin requires water to do its job, which is to hydrate and plump up your skin, maintaining its elasticity. Your body has the capacity to absorb only a certain amount of water per hour. The rest of the water will pass through you before even lubricating your organs and hydrating your body. Therefore, a steady flow of water spread out over the week is the best way to go.

Steps to Healthier Hair

In addition to water for your skin, there are nutrients you can take in for healthier hair. If you want great hair, try oysters! These aphrodisiacs we all love are a good source of zinc which helps with cell renewal. This keeps your hair and nails strong and healthy. Along with oysters, walnuts provide many benefits for you hair. Walnuts include nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids – the good kind like omega-3. Try adding some walnuts to your daily diet. Citrus fruits are also very good for collagen and healthy hair. Citrus contains vitamin C, so fruits like strawberries and oranges and vegetables like bell peppers are good for you! In addition to vitamin C, iron is important for healthy growth. Iron keeps your hair from shedding and also from breaking. Another essential vitamin for hair growth is biotin. Biotin can be found in many delicious foods – raspberries, eggs, avocado, salmon, peanuts, dairy products, and meats. There are also biotin supplements available if you don’t think you get enough from your daily diet. Biotin leads to longer, faster growing, stronger hair.

Get Tan and Smooth Skin Today

After you ensure your skin is healthy, make sure you take utmost care of it. At L.A. Bikini, sugaring treatments are an organic method of hair removal sure to leave your skin smooth and hair-free. L.A. Bikini also offers custom spray tans performed by experienced professionals. Find your perfect shade, and get your skin to really glow. Contact L.A. Bikini today!

Waxing In Birmingham? Here Are 3 Reasons Sugaring Is Better

Waxing Birmingham, ALDid you know that a basic Yelp search will pull up over a hundred results for waxing in Birmingham? And why not? Shaving is the worst! Shaving simply takes forever and the hair grows back so fast. Not to mention all of the missed patches of hair and the common experience of using the same blade until it essentially just combs your leg hair.

Still Waxing? It’s Time to Stop!

Due to the annoyance and time drain associated with shaving, many people turned to waxing in Birmingham as their ultimate source of hair removal. With hot wax you get something else – pain! Putting hot wax on your skin and having the strips removed in the opposite direction of hair growth is simply not fun. Fortunately, there is a better and less painful way to remove unwanted hair – sugaring!

3 Reasons Why Sugaring is Better than Waxing

#1. Waxing is way more painful than sugaring!

Waxing products are made of resins which adhere to skin cells. Because wax sticks to any surface it is applied to, pulling it away causes unwarranted pain, redness, and tenderness for hours or even days after the procedure. Sugaring products never adhere to live skin cells. Therefore, when it is removed it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin. Plus, since sugaring paste is all natural and water soluble it can be easily rinsed away if needed.  The result? Significantly less pain and redness and reduced hair growth.

#2: Less hair growth needed!

For a successful waxing treatment, hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long, or 2 – 3 weeks growth after shaving. Can you imagine going two to three weeks without shaving? Ugh. On the other hand, sugaring hair removal can be done with hair that’s 1/16 inch long (that’s about 4 – 7 days growth after shaving)! Plus, sugaring lubricates the hair follicle, which makes it more likely to remove the entire hair and root instead of breaking it near the surface. Less breakage means more consistent hair growth, which means you won’t start growing in random patches of hair before your next scheduled sugaring treatment.

#3: Its all-natural!

Sugaring paste is generally made from a few basic ingredients, including sugar, water, and lemon juice (some formulas also contain moisturizers or glycerin). This all-natural makeup makes the treatment safe for both your body and the environment. Furthermore, it is ideal for those with sensitive, allergy-prone skin. It’s no competition in our book! Sugaring is better than waxing on all accounts, and L.A. Bikini is Birmingham’s only exclusive provider of sugaring. We believe so firmly in the effectiveness or sugaring that you will not find waxing hair removal at L.A. Bikini – we only offer sugaring (well, and spray tanning). Are you looking for the best hair removal in Birmingham? Don’t wax – sugar! Book an appointment today and join the countless clients of L.A. Bikini who have felt the difference for themselves – and loved it!

Mary’s Story: My Worst Waxing Fiasco

Waxing BirminghamEveryone has a horror story when it comes to waxing. Today, I am sharing mine to both entertain and encourage those who haven’t yet tried sugaring to give it a shot! One night a few months ago, I ran to the pharmacy and picked up a waxing kit – the kind in the little tub that you heat up in the microwave – and settled in for a waxing extravaganza. The first sign that I should have quit occurred when I accidentally super-heated the wax – this stuff was bubbling. I had to wait a good while for it to cool before I gave it another shot. When, at last, it had achieved the right temperature and consistency, I made the first application to my armpit. I then promptly dropped the muslin strip and, as I bent down to retrieve it, absent-mindedly dropped my raised arm. Great, right? Not so much! The wax cooled almost immediately! Oh great, I thought, I had just effectively glued myself together! Crap! What do I do now? No amount of tugging would allow me to separate myself. Of course, amidst my complete embarrassment, my roommate thought it was absolutely hilarious. I literally had to lie on my bathroom floor as she alternated soaking me in baby oil and prying my skin apart. Yes, it was as horrific as it sounds. Surely, this ridiculous stories ends here? Not so fast – of course, there is more! Finally freed from my wax shackles, I decided to forgo the armpits and work on a Brazilian instead. Really, I should have just stopped, but apparently I enjoy torturing myself. Here goes nothing. I glommed on a wad of wax – much more than I probably should have – and applied the strip. Thankfully it came off with just a regular amount of pain! I reached forward to grab the jar to prepare another strip when I made the mistake of accidentally leaning against my bathroom counter. Before I knew it, the excess wax from my overeager application had cooled against the cabinet. It’s a strange feeling, gluing your privates to a wooden surface. I stood there silently to assess my pitiful situation: I was (essentially) naked, with very delicate parts of me adhered to a counter, with no way to free myself gently (the roommate had taken the baby oil with her). … Yep. There was no way I was calling my roommate back in for assistance with my entire self-exposed and glued to our bathroom counter. Details aside – I freed myself but, as you can imagine, was left with an uneven landscape down there by the time it was all over. That was the last time I waxed – period. Since then, I have never trusted myself with one of those at-home kits again and have made a promise to myself that I will not take a step near the unnecessary pain and experience of waxing (at home or at a salon) ever again. Instead, I let the professionals at L.A. Bikini handle it and I am now a die-hard sugaring fan. It is simply so much better than waxing (all the way around). Less painful, more effective, and professionals to do it for me at a very reasonable cost? I signed up!

Share Your Story and Get a Free Brow Sugaring!

We would love to hear one of your personal waxing stories – we will even share it socially and if your story is shared we will give you a free brow sugaring hair removal appointment! Oh, and if you’re tired of waxing, try sugaring at L.A. Bikini! Book your appointment today!