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Want smooth, beautiful skin without the painful waxing experience? Sugaring is the perfect waxing alternative that you’ve been looking for! With sugar hair removal you can say goodbye to the pain and trauma of waxing and treat your skin with a taste of sugar. After a treatment at L.A. Bikini, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and your skin will be smooth like never before.

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The hair-free skin of your dreams is as simple as sugar! Book your appointment at the Draper location today and receive 20% off a bikini service or 10% off a different body service.

Valid for first-time guests on one service at the Draper location only.

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Rating 5 out of 5

I absolutely love this place! They make you feel super comfortable and are very friendly. Not to mention the results last way longer than regular waxing. I definitely recommend coming here as opposed to a regular wax salon. They are the best.

Rating 4 out of 5

Such a great experience! It was my first time getting a “sugar wax” and it is much less painful than a regular Brazilian Wax! I would definitely do it again!

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Such a quick, easy experience! The staff was very friendly. It was really interesting to find out more about this different kind of waxing…who knew?! Kinda cool!

Rating 5 out of 5

Staff was amazing! I was running a little late and they made me feel perfectly fine. My legs feel amazing and I love sugaring.



  • L.A. Bikini


    Brazilian style bikini; everything from the front to back. First-time guests receive a complimentary soothing and detoxing mud mask treatment.

    Price: $60 Member Price: $43
  • Partial Bikini

    Inside Bikini Line

    Classic bikini extending roughly 2 inches into underwear line and top of bikini.

    Price: $52 Member Price: $33
  • Basic Bikini

    Outside Bikini Line

    From crease of thigh outwards to roughly the width of a hand.

    Price: $44 Member Price: $25
  • Brow

    Precise brow cleaning and shaping.

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12
  • Lip

    From corner to corner of the mouth, along the upper lip.

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12
  • Underarm

    The area under the arms.

    Price: $29 Member Price: $18
  • Back

    From shoulders to waist belt.

    Price: $60 Member Price: $43
  • Beard Shaping

    Cheeks and Neck

    Shapes up the beard line above the cheeks and below the neck.

    Price: $39 Member Price: $29
  • Butt Cheeks

    Full butt cheeks, including inner buttocks.

    Price: $35 Member Price: $25
  • Chest

    The pectorals to collarbones.

    Price: $50 Member Price: $36
  • Chest & Stomach

    The pectorals to collarbones including the abdomen.

    Price: $60 Member Price: $43
  • Chin

    The full chin area ending at the corners of the mouth.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $10
  • Ears


    Removal of hairs along the shell of the ear and ear lobe.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $12
  • Facial Grooming

    Full Face Clean-Up

    Facial hair along the beard line, around the outside of the nose, on cheeks, on outer ears or on brows.

    Price: $79 Member Price: $65
  • Full Arms

    From wrist to shoulder.

    Price: $51 Member Price: $32
  • Half Arms

    From wrist to elbow, or elbow to shoulder.

    Price: $39 Member Price: $26
  • Full Legs

    From ankle to upper thigh crease.

    Price: $81 Member Price: $52
  • Half Legs

    From ankle to knee, or knee to upper thigh crease.

    Price: $56 Member Price: $36
  • Full Face

    Includes brows, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lip, chin and the lower neck.

    Price: $46 Member Price: $29
  • Neck

    The back of the neck and hairline from ear to ear.

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12
  • Nose

    Removal of hairs extending from the nostrils.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $10
  • Nipple

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12
  • Partial Stomach

    Below the Navel

    Lower area below the navel.

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12