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Your safety is our top priority!

We know you’re feeling the effects of stress now more than ever, which means it’s even more important to make sure you feel safe and comfortable once you’re back at your L.A. Bikini location. In addition to the sanitary standards that we practiced prior to COVID-19, all L.A. Bikini locations are taking extra precautions by following all local and state guidelines to keep staff and clients healthy and safe. This includes:

  • the wearing of face shields and gloves
  • deep cleaning after each client
  • sanitation training for staff 
  • and more!

Book your sugaring hair removal appointment today, and let us give you one less thing to worry about!

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in Wilmington

At L.A. Bikini, you can achieve permanent reduction in hair growth because you don’t have to wait as long between treatments. Other studios make you wait until hair growth reaches 1/4 inch or longer, but if you can see or feel a hair, L.A. Bikini can remove it.

We’ve built our Savvy Girl Membership around this concept for those on the quickest path to permanent hair reduction. It provides frequent treatments at an affordable price. You save while we sugar!

Visit our location today to learn how you can get a discount on six months of unlimited treatments!


  • L.A. Bikini


    Brazilian style bikini; everything from the front to back. First-time guests receive a complimentary soothing and detoxing mud mask treatment.

    Price: $60 Member Price: $45
  • Partial Bikini

    Inside Bikini Line

    Classic bikini extending roughly 2 inches into underwear line and top of bikini.

    Price: $52 Member Price: $36
  • Basic Bikini

    Outside Bikini Line

    From crease of thigh outwards to roughly the width of a hand.

    Price: $41 Member Price: $28
  • Brow

    Precise brow cleaning and shaping.

    Price: $21 Member Price: $15
  • Lip

    From corner to corner of the mouth, along the upper lip.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $12
  • Underarm

    The area under the arms.

    Price: $25 Member Price: $18
  • Back

    From shoulders to waist belt.

    Price: $60 Member Price: $43
  • Beard Shaping

    Cheeks and Neck

    Shapes up the beard line above the cheeks and below the neck.

    Price: $39 Member Price: $29
  • Butt Cheeks

    Full butt cheeks, including inner buttocks.

    Price: $35 Member Price: $25
  • Chest

    The pectorals to collarbones.

    Price: $50 Member Price: $36
  • Chest & Stomach

    The pectorals to collarbones including the abdomen.

    Price: $60 Member Price: $43
  • Chin

    The full chin area ending at the corners of the mouth.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $10
  • Ears


    Removal of hairs along the shell of the ear and ear lobe.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $12
  • Facial Grooming

    Full Face Clean-Up

    Facial hair along the beard line, around the outside of the nose, on cheeks, on outer ears or on brows.

    Price: $79 Member Price: $65
  • Full Arms

    From wrist to shoulder.

    Price: $51 Member Price: $32
  • Half Arms

    From wrist to elbow, or elbow to shoulder.

    Price: $39 Member Price: $26
  • Full Legs

    From ankle to upper thigh crease.

    Price: $81 Member Price: $52
  • Half Legs

    From ankle to knee, or knee to upper thigh crease.

    Price: $56 Member Price: $36
  • Full Face

    Includes brows, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lip, chin and the lower neck.

    Price: $46 Member Price: $29
  • Neck

    The back of the neck and hairline from ear to ear.

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12
  • Nose

    Removal of hairs extending from the nostrils.

    Price: $16 Member Price: $10
  • Nipple

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12
  • Partial Stomach

    Below the Navel

    Lower area below the navel.

    Price: $18 Member Price: $12