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L.A. Bikini - Plano, TX 1855 Dallas Parkway
Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093
Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday-Friday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday
Welcome to L.A. Bikini - Plano, TX

Hair Removal Plano TX – destination for beautiful, smooth Skin!

Located at Willow Bend Crossing near Costco, L.A. Bikini Plano is home of the New Smooth.  Want smooth, beautiful skin without the painful waxing experience? Sugaring is the perfect waxing alternative that you’ve been looking for! With sugar hair removal you can say goodbye to unwanted hair without the pain and trauma of waxing, all while treating your skin with a hint of sugar.

After a treatment at L.A. Bikini


you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and your skin will be smooth like never before.

At L.A. Bikini we care about bringing out the beauty in your skin. We are your destination for beautiful, smooth skin through our sugaring hair removal service. Our goal is to make you look and feel beautiful.

If you’re looking for sugaring in Plano or surrounding areas, turn to L.A. Bikini today!

Sugaring for Smooth & Beautiful Skin

Get Smooth Skin Like Never Before at ​L.A. Bikini Plano, TX

There’s nothing better than the feeling of smooth,

beautiful skin! L.A. Bikini is a full-service sugaring studio in Plano, TX . Our sugaring studio in Plano, TX offers sugar hair removal

services to keep our clients smooth from head to toe without having to deal with the negative
side effects caused by hair removal methods such as waxing. L.A. Bikini is not your typical hair
removal studio. Our sugar paste hair removal serves offers a safe and natural alternative to
waxing hair removal.

Are you ready to experience the new smooth?

Stay Smooth From Your Head To Toes With Sugaring

Hair Removal

At our sugaring studio

in Plano, TX have a bikini style for everyone. Our most popular service,

The LA Bikini, is our alternative to a Brazilian wax.

The LA Bikini service removes hair all
throughout the bikini area.

Whether you want to keep things simple or go all bare,
we give you a
range of options from Basic to LA.

When you come in for a sugaring session at L.A. Bikini you can forget dealing with harsh razor
burns or irritated skin caused by the chemicals and resin found in wax– with sugaring hair
removal, you’re skin will feel refreshed and smooth like never before!

No matter what kind of smooth you’re looking for,

we have a natural hair removal solution for
you. From your brows to your legs, our body sugaring services in Plano, TX will keep you smooth
and flawless for any occasion. Our other hair removal services include lip & facial services, as well as full & half arm and leg options.

Whether you’re looking for a deep bronzed glow

or naturally sun-kissed skin,

our specially-trained staff can help you find the look you’re looking for.

You’ll be beach ready in no time after a few sugaring sessions from L.A. Bikini!

Men Services

- Hair Removal Services For Men

L.A. Bikini Plano, TX also features hair removal services for men. Our male body sugaring
services include beard shaping, facial grooming, and the Men’s LA. To learn more about hair
removal options for men at our sugaring studio in Plano, TX, please give us a call at
(972) 735-9444.

Savvy Girls Stay Smooth With Sugaring Hair Removal

Once you’ve tried sugaring, you’ll never go back to waxing! Our Savvy Girl membership is the
quickest and most effective way to permanently reduce hair growth through sugar hair removal.

Savvy Girls can enjoy a six-month membership with unlimited LA Bikini’s!

After six months our
Savvy Girls become lifetime members which allows them to continue to receive sugaring
services at our member price.

Book Your Next Sugaring Session

Get the sugaring treatment and experience smooth, silky skin! Contact L.A. Bikini Plano, TX today at (972) 735-9444 with any questions about our sugaring services or the sugar hair removal process. Book your sugaring session today and start your journey to beautiful, smooth skin!

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