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L.A. Bikini - South Park | Charlotte N.C. 1730 East Woodlawn Road, Suite H
Charlotte, NC, USA 28209
Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday-Friday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday
Welcome to L.A. Bikini - South Park | Charlotte N.C.
Location Coming soon! Call to book! Situated at 1730 E. Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, L.A Bikini is a beauty studio that is revolutionizing bikini wax with a more comfortable and natural alternative. Our sugaring hair removal solution is the future for both women and men, and we are the Charlotte area experts in the procedure. Providing the super-smooth effect that comes with traditional bikini waxes, but with less of the pain you had to put up with in the past. Once you try sugaring you will never go back to bikini waxing!

Sugaring is the perfect waxing alternative that you’ve been looking for!

With sugar hair removal you can say goodbye to the pain and trauma of waxing and treat your skin with a taste of sugar. After a treatment at L.A. Bikini, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and your skin will be smooth like never before. At L.A. Bikini we care about bringing out the beauty in your skin. We are your destination for beautiful, smooth skin through our sugaring hair removal service. Our goal is to make you look and feel beautiful. L.A. Bikini offers sugaring services in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Want your skin to be the smoothest it has ever been? Say yes to sugaring and turn to L.A. Bikini today!

Coming soon!

Welcome to L.A Bikini South Park – Charlotte N.C.

Located at 1730 East Woodlawn Roadd, Charlotte, North Carolina, L.A Bikini is the place to go for the very latest bikini wax alternative: sugaring. It’s the way to go if you want hair removed less painfully, and we are experts in the Charlotte area. If you want to achieve the smooth effect you get with bikini waxes, but without as much of the pain that goes with it, come to us and we’ll introduce you to the new method of bikini waxing that is taking the beauty world by storm.

At L.A. Bikini we understand that a body wax is a girl’s best friend, but we also recognize that it can be quite traumatic! That’s why our sugaring hair removal process is the way to go! We have the best body waxing experts in Charlotte on hand to make sure you have a smooth, beautiful body, but with no need for as much pain and skin irritation.

Get Smooth Skin Like Never Before at L.A Bikini South Park - Charlotte.

Our South Park, Charlotte N.C. salon is one of two in the city, so you can count on being able to reach an L.A. Bikini outlet near you. You really will find that once you have tried sugaring, you will never go back to the traditional wax method of hair removal.

Our North Carolina studios offer a full sugar hair removal solution, from head to toe, that leaves your skin smoother than ever, but without the side-effects you get with the usual wax bikini line methods. Sugaring is simple, smooth and entirely natural, and is also great for your skin!

If you’re used to being waxed, then come to L.A. Bikini and see how our sugaring method is revolutionizing body hair removal practices. Say goodbye to painful waxes, and hello to the most effective method of getting rid of that unwanted body hair!

Men’s Services and Savvy Girls

At L.A. Bikini we also recognize that men want beautiful skin, too, and that’s why our services stretch to offering beard shaping, facial grooming and other men’s hair removal services, all using our modern and effective sugaring method. Men use L.A. Bikini all the time to get beautiful, soft and clear skin, so give us a call if you want to try our services.

For girls who are looking for the best waxing bikinizone and waxing body alternative, it really is sugaring. Our sugaring hair removal services range from simple solutions to our popular LA Bikini solution, which is the sugaring version of a Brazilian wax. It’s less painful, quick and very effective, and you will find it leaves you feeling great!

Of course, we know that once you try sugaring you won’t go back, so we offer our Savvy Girls package to help you. Sign up for six months and you get unlimited LA Bikinis, and after that you become a lifetime member with more added benefits.

It’s all happening at L.A. Bikini South Park, your local Charlotte sugaring studio, so why not give us a call and arrange a visit to see what all the excitement is about? You won’t regret it!