Permanently Reduce your hair growth!

Savvy Girl


Our Savvy Girl membership is the quickest and most effective way of permanently reducing hair growth using sugar paste hair removal. Over time, you’ll not only get smooth skin like you’ve never had before, but you’ll notice that you’ll require fewer treatments to remove hair and keep it gone. After six months in the program, you’re no longer committed to a membership for benefits, and you can pay-as-you-need for treatment for only $35 per session, a savings of over 50% of the price for non-Savvy Girl appointments.

  • Savvy Girl is a six-month membership
  • Unlimited Savvy Girl L.A. Bikini’s services (we recommend at least two per month)
  • Come in once every two weeks for your treatment (or as frequently as once a week)
  • Use our Full Circle skin-care products for optimal smooth skin

L.A. Bikini Membership


Experience the benefits of sugar paste hair removal for yourself with an L.A. Bikini membership. You’ll get one L.A. Bikini sugar treatment per month, plus deep discounts on our other services. Try an L.A. Bikini membership to get smooth skin without the waxing side effects or painful waxing. And once you try L.A. Bikini, we’re convinced you’ll love the benefits of the sugaring hair removal process so much that you’ll upgrade to the full-service Savvy Girl membership.

  • L.A. Bikini members enjoy one L.A. Bikini sugar treatment per month
  • Get special discounts on all services