Our Services | L.A. Bikini
  • L.A. Bikini


    Brazilian style bikini; everything from the front to back. First-time guests receive a complimentary soothing and detoxing mud mask treatment.

  • Basic Bikini

    Outside Bikini Line

    From crease of thigh outwards to roughly the width of a hand.

  • Partial Bikini

    Inside Bikini Line

    Classic bikini extending roughly 2 inches into underwear line and top of bikini.

  • Men’s L.A. Bikini

  • Brow

    Precise brow cleaning and shaping.

  • Lip

    From corner to corner of the mouth, along the upper lip.

  • Underarm

    The area under the arms.

  • Back

    From shoulders to waist belt.

  • Half Back

    From shoulders to mid back, or mid back to waist belt

  • Beard Shaping

    Cheeks and Neck

    Shapes up the beard line above the cheeks and below the neck.

  • Butt Cheeks

    Full butt cheeks, including inner buttocks.

  • Chest

    The pectorals to collarbones.

  • Chest & Stomach

    The pectorals to collarbones including the abdomen.

  • Chin

    The full chin area ending at the corners of the mouth.

  • Ears


    Removal of hairs along the shell of the ear and ear lobe.

  • Facial Grooming

    Full Face Clean-Up

    Facial hair along the beard line, around the outside of the nose, on cheeks, on outer ears or on brows.

  • Full Arms

    From wrist to shoulder.

  • Half Arms

    From wrist to elbow, or elbow to shoulder.

  • Full Legs

    From ankle to upper thigh crease.

  • Half Legs

    From ankle to knee, or knee to upper thigh crease.

  • Full Face

    Includes brows, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lip, chin and the lower neck.

  • Neck

    The back of the neck and hairline from ear to ear.

  • Nose

    Removal of hairs extending from the nostrils.

  • Nipple

  • Partial Stomach

    Below the Navel

    Lower area below the navel.

Services and pricing may vary by location.