Sugar paste hair removal provides a less painful waxing alternative to not only remove hair at the bikini line and bikini area, but also to permanently reduce hair growth. Sugar paste hair removal is a safe and natural, never painful or harsh; it doesn’t result in side effects like ingrown hairs and pain, and it results in smooth, lovely skin that is beautiful and soft to the touch.

LA Bikini – Removes hair from the entire bikini line, front to back. 

Men’s LA* – Removes all hair in the bikini area from one to two inches outside the bikini line and back.

Partial LA Bikini – Removes hair 1-2″ inside the bikini line.

Basic Bikini – Removes hair outside the bikini line.


Lip – Removes hair on the upper and lower lip.

Chin – Removes unwanted hair from the chin.

Beard Shaping* – Shapes up the beard line above the cheeks and below the neck.

Full Face – Includes brows, cheeks, nose, upper & lower lip, chin and the lower neck.

*services & pricing may vary by location

Facial Grooming* – We’ll use body sugaring paste to groom your facial hair along the beard line, around the outside of the nose, on cheeks, on outer ears or on brows for a long-lasting, smooth look that’s free of stubble.

Neck – Removes hair from the back of the neck; keep the nape of your neck looking trim and smooth with sugar paste hair removal.


Full Arm – Includes the entire arm and hand.

Half Arm – Includes the hand, forearm to 1-2″ above the elbow.

Full Leg – Outside the bikini line, thigh, knee, lower leg and foot.

Half Leg – Removes hair from the knee to the top of the toes.

Full Circle Skin Conditioning™

Want smooth skin naturally? That’s what our Full Circle program provides. Our fantastic products feel great on your skin, and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see almost immediately. Sugaring gives you a head start on gorgeous skin, and you can make those results even better by detoxifying, softening and exfoliating at home.

Our Full Circle skin conditioning program helps produce smooth, healthy, beautiful skin. Come into L.A. Bikini for sugaring, then use Phenomen-all™, Saltspring™ and Mud Puddle™ at home to wake up the beauty in your skin. Book an appointment to get started with the Full Circle program — we promise, your skin will look better than it’s ever looked before.

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Continue to make your skin more beautiful after sugaring with Phenomen-all™, our softening and repairing cream that hydrates your skin while soothing follicle inflammation. Phenomen-all™ removes dead skin cells, diminishes stretch marks and scars, and softens skin, cuticles, rough elbows, knees, ingrown hair and calluses.

Saltspring™/Salt Smoothie
Exfoliation is an important step in rejuvenating your skin so it’s not only beautiful but also silky and smooth to the touch. Sugaring plus exfoliation with Saltspring™ results in healthy, beautiful skin, and the Dead Sea salt in Saltspring™ calms, smoothes and detoxifies your skin. Get smooth skin naturally with the gentle and effective exfoliation of Saltspring™.

Mud Puddle™
Detoxify your skin to bring out its healthy beauty with Mud Puddle™, our all-natural Hungarian mud treatment. Rich in essential minerals and collagen, Mud Puddle™ soothes ingrown hairs, softens blemishes and improves your skin’s texture.